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GameBandito 12-27-2011 02:14 PM

Retrospect - Sniper: Ghost Warrior
Many people I know who play video games would bend over willingly to a tramp to play a shooter where the whole focus is being the stylish, cool guy at the back. You know, the guy who never seems to do anything else other than take out world leaders or terrorists from afar, like a cowardly, but awesome, psychopath.

So Sniper: Ghost Warrior seems like the ideal product to quench this thirst without the need to befriend and come on to the homeless. For the first few hours of playing, I was disturbingly giddy with glee every time the bullet shot out the barrel and slowly blew off the head of the generic enemy in front of you (guy in a balaclava, normally with a badly voiced foreign accent). These enjoyable moments soon ceased however, as their constant break of gameplay soon became tiresome, as well as the fact that it seemed that it became not even unnecessary to aim. It became apparent that while the enemies must have been highly trained soldiers, their pea shooters seemed no match to my character’s sniper rifle which killed anything it aimed at, no matter how mentally challenged my character was being at the time (“Bullet came out pipe and hit knee? Uh oh, spaggetio!”)

After a few hours, I was dragged even further away from the gameplay I had enjoyed at the start of the game, like a child at Toys R Us being taken away to the dentists to get his socially unacceptable and self-esteem destroying braces. I was magically transported into some other generic soldier, Soldier B we’ll call him. Now due to a gameplay mechanic made possibly for sniper gameplay, Soldier B tries to fight in a sort of Call Of Duty fashion, but does it as if he’s miles away from his target, and without any of the frills Call Of Duty or Medal Of Honour give, making fights tedious and boring.

Don’t worry, this game wasn’t annoying in just the one aspect. The storyline was fairly generic and uninteresting, and I didn’t even care about the characters to even remember their names for this review. I felt like the reviewers had played enough boring and generic titles, that they tried to create the Frankenstein of shooters, only for it to shit on the floor and die, decomposing and causing a smell. Even the graphics were fairly crap, as if the main character was wearing some steamed up goggles.

Overall, everything in this game made me want to curl up in the fetal position and cry. Gameplay was boring and didn’t know what it wanted to be, like it was a schizophrenic who was both an accountant and my dad. The story was tantamount to the scribbling’s of a dementia ridden old man and even the multiplayer felt like an extension of the boring and tedious storyline it came with. Sadness (3) out of 5 stars.

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