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kurtmon 05-24-2011 02:59 PM

Rate this review for: Crysis 2.
Violence can be pretty, verry pretty.

HIGH: Greatest looking game on the console to date and lives up to its great name with great gameplay and an engaging multiplayer experience..

LOW: Not many visuals of nano suit. story can be confusing. long check points.

WTF: I didnt expect that begining.

Im going to start off by stating that NO i did not play the original crysis for the PC and did not no much about it (im guilty) but man what a game crysis 2 is.

Im a huge first person shooter fan with the big blockbuster moments and this was my favorite to date. Its possible that its the best looing console game to date thanks to the CRYENGINE 3 that was used to create this game. Many games use dark colors to create a buitifull world but crysis 2 used bright/light colors which i felt made it stand out from any other first person shooter this year.

Compared to other shooters in recent years it isnt linear. You are free to take any path you choose to complete a mission and i dont want to say its an open world concept but due to the freedom in which the creators of crysis 2 have given the gamer i will. Majority of the game is being completed on your own without a squad and this is where the nano suits abilities are really used to perfection.

The two main nano suit abilities are the invisibility cloak and the armour mode which basically makes you a walking tank(incredibly wicked) this gives you the oportunity to complete any objective with stealth using the cloak or with hell on earth guns blazing in armour mode. Note every feature the nano suit provides only lasts a certain amount of time before the nano suits power needs to be restored and the faster you move the faster that suits power runs out of its energy.

The limited time use makes the games gameplay better. You will find your self strategizing thru a objective to use your nano suit wisley especially while the cloak is ingaged. You can be sneaking up behind 10 enemies in cloak mode and have your nano suit power run out of energy so stratagize when to use it and how to use it. The nano suite offers tons of features from ground stomp, to having the bullets crosshairs show up in view so you know the direction in which the bullets are travelling to many more features to make this one of the most satisfying shooters i'v played.
To help grab your attention they have used great voice acting in the game, the graphics and detail are the greatest the console has to offer. The solo capaign is longer than most recent shooters and i have been going back to the single player after it has already been completed to try each level in differnt a skill level each time and strategize my way through checkpoints differnt each and everytime and have found the replay value very high because of this.

The multiplayer in the game is buitifull, engaging and fantastic. All nano suit capabilities can and will be used in online play and the multiplayer is the best looking iv ever seen. the detail is incredible and is toped off with many ways of character and weopon customization, and incredible layout of maps with many game modes making it a great experience.

Although the positives FAR out shine the negatives in crisis 2 there are some negatives. The story of single player isnt the greatest and yes many may find the check points to far spread out, but when it comes to the final product this is a game that offers everything for both gamers only intrested in the solo campaign and players just intrested in multiplayer. It is a game that lives up to its great name and its the only game of its kind. There are many firt person shooters that have become repetitive but there is only ONE crysis 2. The replay value is high and the game in my opinion is not only bigger in game play than the last few big shooter but is most importantly BETTER.

FINAL SCORE 9.5/10. Highley recommended.

This game was obtained via Crytek/Gamestop/bought and reviewed on the Xbox 360. Approximatley 11 hours was played in solo campagn and 15 hours devoted to multiplayer modes.

Pedro 05-25-2011 12:18 PM

Re: Rate this review for: Crysis 2.
Howdy kurtmon,

I think you cover all the main points of interest in the game - nano suit, need for strategy, multiplayer etc.

However it's a little difficult to pick all those points out in the review. Perhaps you could be a bit more structured (break it out into smaller paragraphs, esp the big one in the middle) and adopt a more formal tone - less of the 'Man, it's great!' type stuff ;-)

It sounds a little too much like someone discussing the game with his buddies right now. Whereas most of the content is there, it needs to be reworked in a major way, I think.

Also, use spellcheck!

kurtmon 05-25-2011 12:40 PM

Re: Rate this review for: Crysis 2.

Thanks I'll take all that into consideration when I do my next one. I'm new so I'm still trying figure everything out and work out the kinks. Def see how it sounds like I'm talking to my buddies. Thanks.

ubergoat 05-27-2011 03:57 PM

Re: Rate this review for: Crysis 2.
In your last paragraph you said "yes many may find the check points to far spread out...". Don't mention what other people/reviewers are saying. I don't want someone to tell me what another persons review said, I want to hear your review (that's the assumption you should go under because those are the people who you are writing for). Like everyone else said too, spellcheck it and cut down that massive paragraph into multiples.

coyls3 05-27-2011 11:23 PM

Re: Rate this review for: Crysis 2.
If you want this review to be published on the blog, you need to correct the large number of spelling and grammar errors. Brad, the editor, is very strict about these things.

also, break up that big paragraph in the middle so it is easier to read.

BoomBiffBoom 05-28-2011 10:20 PM

Re: Rate this review for: Crysis 2.
The grammar is pretty rough.

dafavnik 05-29-2011 11:40 AM

Re: Rate this review for: Crysis 2.
Ehhh, not feeling this one, homie.

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