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crackajack 08-07-2010 06:00 AM

Last movie impressions
Machtlos (Rendition)
It was ok, tried to tell something important, though in a bit too simple manner. Not as good as i think it should have been.

Abbitte (Atonement)
The book was pure awesomeness and the Pride and Prejudice team did a great job in making a movie of it.

Good movie about a man searching for his place in mankind.

28 weeks later
as bad as a movie can be. If it was supposed to be a trash movie they should not have named it like a successor of 28 days later which was a good movie.

Death Sentence - Todesurteil
Strong acting but the "Falling Down" aspect didn't look reasonable to me.

Maybe i just loved the real black and white (with some occasional shades of grey and even some colors once) but i thought it to be a great film.

Schwerter des Königs - Dungeon Siege
My first Uwe Boll movie ever. It was ok, but too much trying to copy Lord of the Rings, and failing in being more than average.

Die letzte Legion (the last legion)
Quite similar to Dungeon Siege. While obviously lacking budget which Boll had more (?) but sunk, here the story was a little too mystic while being realistic.

VERY strong main actor and an interesting film about the exhausting research for an important book.

Allein gegen die Angst (translated ~alone against the fear)
ok, for a tv-production, but overall a disappointingly handled story about people losing their lives in a witness-protection program and also those who are there to protect them and also their lives.

An ihrer Seite (Away From Her)
Heart touching!

More interesting than Amores Perros but i have again no clue what it actually tried to tell. Magnolia still is my favorite episode drama.

Lady Vengeance - Leben für die Rache
Very similar, to the more known Oldboy, since it's part of a trilogy. Even harder because it concentrates the violence to the end. I liked it and the main character.

Let's make money - Machen wir Geld
Politics fail, because we all fail and so capitalism is on its way to ruin te majority of mankind. Yay!

Idiots and Angels
Very simplistic animated movie. I didn't quite get what it told me, but it was ok to watch once.

Feuerherz (Heart of Fire)
It focused on the experience of a little girl in eritrean war, but it lacked the wider picture of the conflict to make a real impact.

Citizen Kane
Pretty similar to Capote and for some change a good open end.

Hot Shots - der zweite versuch
Love those type of movies. Why aren't there more of those, more of not Wayans one would also be good.

Great Story. Why did they have to make so many lame sequels?

Tödliche Entscheidung (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead)
Interesting way of telling the story from different perspectives. Tension was well built.

Streik (Stachka / Strike)
The film techniques were seminal but a russian film about a strike that is being forced down by the upper class? It might have been a propaganda movie against capitalism, although the officials were also from military... ??? For me it was more of a future prediction about 1956, 1968.
Were communism failed because of capitalism combined with dictatorship.

About a Boy
Hornby + Grant = great

Freispiel (translated ~free round)
One of those many austrian movies were the cabaret scene does the acting.
Awesome fun and most of the times also a deep story but as it can't be translated properly it even can't hardly have success in Germany.

Schwarze Nelke (Svarta nejlikan/ The Black Pimpernel)
When there is one single thing good in war it's that there is almost always some people that can't bear the injustice and try to help as much as they can.
This movie is about the Swedish Ambassador rescuing about 1300 people in Chiles military putsch. (while only Finland helped and the rest of the world looked away)

Der Sohn der Braut (El hijo de la novia/ Son of the Bride)
It didn't play the right strings on me, but Alzheimer, old people still in love, a heart attack, business stress are usually good ingredients for a good movie.

Der Nebel (The Mist)
King + Darabont = instant win?
This time not for me, if it should have been a trash movie it should have told it more obviously. The predictable end was the only shimmer were the normal standard of this team shined through.

Big Mamas Haus 2
I like simple comedies.

Kings of Rock - Tenacious D
Very Bill&Tedish, but it rocked. Especially liked the "classics"-Rock when they meet first time.

Todeszug nach Yuma
Tried to be realistic (?) but those figures and actions felt totally weird and unreal.
He's the top gangster and can flee not only once... The end was just an explanation mark on the nonsense.
Totally unsatisfying movie.

RandomRob 08-07-2010 08:37 AM

Re: Last movie impressions
You lost me at Big Mama's House.

crackajack 08-09-2010 08:11 AM

Re: Last movie impressions

Originally Posted by RandomRob (Post 186690)
You lost me at Big Mama's House.


Walk the line
Never liked Cashs music much, so the genre typical drugs, party hardy, mistreat wife, success in Billboard, life's still not good enough for me story wasn't very interesting for me.

The Reaping
The final joke was ok, though the scene which was necessary to make it possible was awkwardly implemented. The actual end was predictable and the whole movie never found a right tune for itself. Drama? Religious thriller?
dramaturgy anyone?

The Motel
No titties, no girlies screaming or running away stupidly, no unecessary gore, after a long time a horror movie i was able to enjoy.

I don't like Peckinpahs other movies i have seen so far (Straw Dogs, Iron Cross, Wild Bunch) and this one also doesn't explain to me why he got so much pos. recognition.
The characters were goofy and immoderate accentuated, the action funny, only the intro was well done.
At least i know now were GTA IV has got its ridiculous car physics from: 70s cars with no grip and horrifying suspension behavior.

Pans Labyrinth
Reminded me of course of The Devils Backbone as it also plays in Spain and was made by the same director.
Del Toro this time used some fairy tale bits instead of the horror genre.
It was 3 story layers at once for me: 1. real spain 1944 with persecution of regime enemies with some drastic scenes 2. the princess fairytale the unloved stepdaughter of an captain flees into 3. some bible themes (book Moses, Adams apple, Jesus death and also holy ghost, trinity)
I'm not sure if it wanted to tell what i think it did but i think it was great.

crackajack 08-17-2010 03:22 AM

Re: Last movie impressions
The perfect man
I generally like almost everything that is comedy, but here it was hard. It is so much worse than Mermaids.

Muttertag - Die härtere Komödie (~mothers day - the harder comedy)
Love it.
Something in between Monty Python, Coen-brothers and Adam Sandler movies.

Big Daddy
I like the ethics his movies often have, beyond tolerance. The main story, no AAA oscar drama but for a comedy it was enough.

The characters were sometimes not fully developed but overall it was entertaining with some thoughtful lines and scenes.

The Flock
The topic would be important, but it was too much of an average, shocking thriller. Wanted to be grim and confusing without profiting by that. unbalanced

Geliebter Johann Geliebte Anna (~beloved Johann beloved Anna)
A true story of the brother of the emperor of Austria (19th century) who has to wait for permission to marry a civil woman for 6 years.

crackajack 08-23-2010 04:18 AM

Re: Last movie impressions
The Prince and Me
I generally like Cinderella stories, although this had a rather implausible hero with a stupid introduction.

Fink fährt ab
Not as good as other Austrian comedys but had also this unique charm in language and characters.

A little too stretched in the middle part, the role of Sam Jackson had no real purpose and both ends don't feel adequate. A typical mediocre King film...

... and justice for all
A good script author would make today a good movie about this idea, but as it was done in the 70s, it's a waste dump of disjointed, only on their own interesting episodes.

Gegenüber (Counterparts)
One the most intense dramas i ever saw.
A man who is beaten up by his wife each time they have an argument. He is a police officer, a officer who has no problem saving his colleagues life.
Why does he allow her to hurt him? Why does he recommend his colleague for a promotion his chief plans him to have, although he needs the money? Why is his wife so violent?
Reminded me somehow of Head-On or Monster.
Great job by a young newcomer director.

Jade Soturi
It was confusing and i think i got the point of the story only after reading the wikipedia article of Kalevala, but i liked the fresh way of this Finnish Kung-Fu movie. Music, style and the seamless shifting between time and places were different and enjoyable.

Nim’s Island
Nice adventure film for kids, with a Jodie Foster trying some slapstick scenes.

crackajack 09-01-2010 01:54 PM

Re: Last movie impressions
Ace Ventura 3
So bad it's almost good.

Really bad. The daily comic strip in the newspaper is better.

I don't understand the positive reviews it got on imdb.
I think it was terribly cheap in wanting to be a fast, black comedy with its interwoven episode scheme. It appeared to me like a MTV real life soap. Stereotyped characters doing some stupid things. It was not funny, music felt out of sync, it was not thrilling.

War of the Worlds
It might have been jaw dropping in the 50s, but today it's even worse than the remake of Spielberg.
Terrible effects, and no real story.

The visuals were good, but what kind of movie did it want to be? Thriller, drama, sci-fi, mystery? It had no point in the end.

City of Angels
I don't like the original "Wings of Desire" but i like this one. Fine movie about free will, death and love.

crackajack 09-08-2010 12:46 PM

Re: Last movie impressions
Over Her Dead Body
The idea might be something that could have worked well. That something must have gone terribly wrong is obvious after the first scene.
I just had to hate Eva Longoria throughout the movie almost up to the end when finally they had mercy and gave this romantic comedy(???) a nice of course foreseeable ending. How can she and/ or her management put her in that role? Or any woman...

The first film adaptation, Komm süßer Tod (Come Sweet Death), of this book series was better. This one had still the incredible character of Simon Brenner (Josef Hader) in it, with his "i don't give a damn, but actually i'm or was a police officer" attitude. Great. But the story about a murder, pedophilia, slave trade, church dignitaries and especially the somewhat unfinished end never felt satisfactory told.

Asterix at the Olympic Games
The animation movies were good, but the real actor movie got worse with each release.
Alain Delon as a vain Cesar was awesome but the rest was as awful as the Garfield movie from last week. Like the makers didn't understand what made the originals successes.

JLB1987 09-09-2010 07:27 PM

Re: Last movie impressions
At risk of Crackerjack's chain being broken by a n00b...

Bill & Ted's Bogus Jouney
Watched this for the first time last week, and I thought it was brilliant; the story wasn't as good as Excellent Adventure, but the comedic side of it made up for that. I thought it was slightly better. Highlight: Death playing Cluedo.

Batman Begins
Not a big fan of superhero films, but then, I'm not a fan of conventional superhero comic books. Batman was always an exception on the graphic noval side of things, and I'm glad this has translated to the big screen, for me. Thought all the actors were brilliant (even that annoying chick from Dawson's Creek), but if I had to take issue with it, it's that Cillian Murphey is far too young and way too good looking to be the Scarecrow. Also, having the Scarecrow as a normal guy in a suit, except for the mask, was a little silly. Highlight:


Working out that the initially introduced Ra Al Ghul wasn't actually he, and pointing out who was, as soon as the actors in question were on screen. And the telling my girlfriend this, and then gloating when I was proven right an hour and a half later.


The Dark Knight
Had high hopes for this, as I was blown away by Begins. Again, the actors who reprised their roles were excellent, the annoying chick from Dawson's Creek had been replaced, and Heath Ledger really is the ultimate Joker. (Honestly, I thought everyone banging on about how great he is in this film was due to his untimely death. That'll teach my scepticism!!) One of the best films I've seen in a while, a semi-hardcore Batman fan's dream. Highlight: The Joker walking into the gang meeting nearish the start of the film, with the "pencil vanishing trick". Genius.

I've got No Country For Old Men, Lady Vengeance, and Bronson to watch, so I'll give my two-cents on them soon.

RandomRob 09-09-2010 09:55 PM

Re: Last movie impressions

Originally Posted by crackajack (Post 187313)
City of Angels
I don't like the original "Wings of Desire" but i like this one. Fine movie about free will, death and love.

crackajack 09-14-2010 03:50 PM

Re: Last movie impressions
Dan in Real Life
Overall i liked it, but it tried a bit too hard to construct its ending. Usually i like overly dramatic ends but not when it doesn't feel smooth. The film was clever sometimes but why has the brother to be a jerk at the end while he had this important scene were he himself decides not to lip sink anymore? Without that actually unimportant dialog it would not have mattered, but it was meaningful in this and screwed that afterwards.

Bond - Die Another Day
I really start to hate all Bonds previously to Casino Royale. They are just so involuntary funny.
The action is decades behind, the dialogs are ridiculously stupid, the characters too. Sort of AAA-trash without the style of e.g. Night Watch: Nochnoi Dozor.
I can understand that in the 60s the same crap was ok, but how that icon survived unpolished until 2006 is beyond me.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
The book is one of my favorites and the movie shows how good Tykwer really is. I'd say it is more unscreenable than Watchmen or Lord of the Rings was, because describing olfactory abilities work well in a book but filming them in a sort of superman style must look awkward and lead to some unavoidable misinterpretations by many viewers.
The story is great because it questions how we perceive people, ethics and the value of life, also how fear (and greed) directs decisions.
And Hoffman as the old perfumer Baldini was fantastic.

jacksionreo 09-19-2010 11:41 PM

Re: Last movie impressions
I love to watch Movie on TV. I like Avatar very much.
I like to watch NBC TV. It is very interesting TV channel and i my point if view full entertaining ever.

JLB1987 09-27-2010 09:13 AM

Re: Last movie impressions
The Punisher: Warzone
Being a huge fan of the 2004 film starring Tom Jane, based upon the "Welcome Back, Frank" comic book storyline by Garth Ennis, I had huge hopes for this. I'm not much of a pre-Ennis Punisher reader, but I would assume Warzone is based on the Warzone comic book series. Anyway, this film is awful. I can deal with over-the-top movie bad guys- the earlier (and even the current) Batman films had highly unrealistic, OTT antagonists, and I enjoy most of them; the same goes for The Daredevil. But this interpretation of Jigsaw is ridiculous, and I'm not even going to start describing the more minor bad guys. Whilst the 2004 Punisher film was dark, story driven, and plain awesome, this film feels like it was written by thirteen year olds, for thirteen year olds.
Highlight: The bit at the end where it's discovered that the Punisher who the film is based on is a fake, and Tom Jane reprises his role as awesome Frank Castle, and kicks fake Punisher's ass.

Based on Charles Bronson's (the most violent criminal in Great Britain, not the Death Wish actor of the same name) life. I say based on, it seems to take vast liberties, looking over the guy's wikipedia page. I just don't understand this sort of film; the director has a wealth of brilliant, interesting material to work with (for a man who has spent something like all but four months in prison over the past few decades in solitary confinement, Bronson has led quite a life!), and yet they decided it was best to change the order of things happening, and make up a bunch of lies and half-truths. On the plus side, the first three quarters is an entertaining story based around this hardened criminal. In fact, I found it to be a funnier film than many proper comedies. The interludes between the story scenes are refreshingly original too; these parts have the guy playing Bronson on a stage, in front of an audience, narrating his "life" as the movie goes on, directly talking to the person watching the film. A very good film, which could have been something so much more special.
Highlight: When Bronson takes the prison librarian hostage in his cell.

My missus made me watch it. But, for the first half, I was plesently suprised by this film, which I assumed was yet another by-the-numbers love story for girls. The premise is that the eponymous smooth talking Hitch, played by Smith, once shunned by a woman when he wasn't too good with the ladies himself, helps losers, geeks, and other men unlucky in love get women by giving them advice; he never seems to fail, so his help is sought after. Unfortunately I kind of lost track after that, as the film quickly spirals into a by-the-numbers love story by the second half. You can pretty much guess how it all ends when I say that Hitch himself falls for a lady. Friendships are made, hearts are broken, and lessons are learnt, before everyone skips off into the sunset. Ahhhhh.
Highlight: Hitch kicking the ass of someone who asks for his help, but quickly lets on rather than being in love with the woman set in his targets, he just wants to bang her. Ahhhhh.

crackajack 09-27-2010 03:28 PM

Re: Last movie impressions
Raiders of the Lost Ark
I didn't understand the negative response on Indy 4 and after seeing this older one i am even more irritated. I never loved the movies, but i can't see a real difference. Last Crusade stands out a bit because Connery as his dad is awesome but the rest always was simple adventure entertainment?

Inside Man
A very calm heist movie. Liked it very much.

The Incredible Hulk
I like simple action movies, e.g. Transformers, and as an action movie it is definitely great but going back from mature entertainment Ang Lee did, to Terminator 3 standard sucks.
And Tim Roths figure is so damn plain stupid... aaargh... getting green...

License to Wed
There are some funny moments but overall meh. Especially disliked the "Anger Management-Nicholson"-character of Williams. Hate such characters.

Comedy which punches you, a simple comic style which makes the sad but always sort of hopeful life story even more gripping. Utterly brilliant movie.

Little Children
I didn't get the big point. Yeah it was a accurate view into middle class lives with great acting, but what exactly did it tell that is not obvious? The Madame Bovary subplot could have led to something but the end of the movie forgot that?

Resident Evil: Extinction
As mentioned i can like simple action and this was fun. And Milla is always perfect.

In the Valley of Elah
The end is sort of inappropriate, the flag thing should have been left out. The "lesson" was learned so often in Americas history that the outcome seems to be always the same after it is again forgotten: another stupid war. And a movie telling America is sort of broken when the real brokenness is hardly found in some changed hundred or thousand soldiers seems improper.
Charlize Theron, once again, played a role not fitting in the glamour girl she could be like so many other wannabe actresses. Got to love that.
And overall this is a very solid whodunit/whodunwhat movie with an important topic.

K2 (1991)
Charaterization was a little rough but it was thrilling with some exciting shots of the scenery. One of the better not documentary movies on mountaineering.

Sin City
1 to 1 transfered from the books and the result is outstanding.

Grand Prix
The racing scenes are even today top notch, the rest mediocre with a lots of clichéd acting.
Wonder how Stallone was able to fuck up Driven so badly. Every aspect in this movie was far better. He ran around on dozens of F1 races previously and at the end came up with a movie even McG would have been embarrassed.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Perfect pacing and perfect main character couple.

Forrest Gump
Also perfect. Might have seen it now 6 or 7 times. It's so packed with greatness i always think it's a 3 or 4 hour movie.

Casino Royale (2006)
The first real good Bond movie ever, but the open end sucks.

crackajack 10-05-2010 03:36 AM

Re: Last movie impressions
A comedy (made 86) about an east-german who buys an illegal west-german pass just to make a world trip, but after returning realizes that he can now only visit his home for a few hours a day, because he is now a west-german on paper, and wants to get back.
A great idea, but execution was suboptimal.

Dark Knight
I think it's only Nolans fourth best movie i've seen, behind Prestige, Memento and Batman Begins, great are all though. The Joker segments are awesome but Two Face and especially Rachel fell a bit short in the story. It was already long but some minutes for their characters would have added some more sense to the end.

RandomRob 10-05-2010 10:07 AM

Re: Last movie impressions
Pursuit of Happyness- The Kramer vs Kramer for the 2000s. Based on true story of single dad raising son through wrenching 6 month stretch of no employment & homelessness. One of Smith's best performances. Some neat ironic humor.

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