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Chi Kong Lui 05-08-2010 07:57 AM

Anyone give P90X a try? All the videos and testimonials seems pretty impressive. Price is a little high, but no unreasonable.

Mike Doolittle 05-10-2010 02:26 AM

Re: P90x
My brother did it for a while and liked it a lot. Nothing's going to replace a real gym, but if you're pressed for time and want a good workout at home, it fits the bill. From what my bro said, the workouts get changed up pretty regularly so it stays fresh.

Dramund 06-06-2010 09:36 PM

Re: P90x
It depends on what you are looking for in a workout. P90X is high-intensity calisthenics (body weight exercises), which puts you in very good shape. Unfortunately, many men confuse "in shape" with "bodybuilding." P90X won't get you a beach body. It will make you lean, agile - and if you add in a good aerobic workout on off-days - very healthy (think Lance Armstrong); the kind of shape the military prefers. If you want to get ripped, stick with weight training and large doses of protein, P90x will not cut it.

alvisfstr55 05-24-2011 02:34 AM

Re: P90x
I am also trying to get fit and i am going to Gym everyday. I hope this will help me.

darkjack 08-17-2011 11:09 AM

Re: P90x
Just working out at home, using body weight exercises.

Robert 12-10-2011 02:05 AM

Re: P90x
I am interested to start the P90X program, diet and supplements. For the purpose of
reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass, sweating a lot .. are all good things for detox
and regulating blood sugar. If any one have knowledge or experience with this let me know please...

Virgil012 02-22-2012 03:36 PM

Re: P90x
I did P90x for a month and a half, and I could honestly say it was doing something for me. I was slimming down, and generally getting healthier. But then I got lazy, and well, stopped doing it. I hope I can start once again though, when I get the chance.

rodriguezh 05-10-2012 07:55 PM

Re: P90x
Is this program worth the cost or is it better to keep going to the gym?

Jimmorison 05-25-2012 08:01 AM

how do you do
Sorry, what you mean?

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