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Fight Critic: Fedor still has plenty to prove

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Fedor still has plenty to prove 

Contract negotiations between Pride FC heavyweight champion, Fedor Emelianenko, and the UFC have not gone smoothly and the lack of haste on both sides has left observers to speculate the consequences if they are unable to come to terms.

There are those who say that Fedor will walk away from the table because he nothing left to prove. He has gone unbeaten in over six years, dominated some of the top fighters of his division and is considered the top pound-for-pound MMA fighter by most sports writers.

With all due respect to his accomplishments and the opinion of others, Fedor still has plenty to prove and his legacy as the greatest of MMA fighter of all-time or even the greatest fighter of his era will come into question years from now if he doesn't compete in the UFC for the following reasons:

  1. To be considered the greatest of all-time, there has to popular consensus among the masses. This is big problem when you consider that most of North America and places other than Russia and Japan don't even know Fedor exists. It doesn't matter how loud the fanboys shout and whine because at the end of the day, no one will believe them unless they see it with their own eyes. Fedor has yet to fully establish his presence in what is now the Mecca of MMA.

  2. To be the man, you got to beat the man. To be the undisputed heavyweight champion, you have to beat the best fighters of the era and while many can question the caliber of fighter that Tim Silvia and Andre Arlovski represent, no one can deny that they were UFC champions at the time of his reign. Until Fedor defeats them in the octagon, he hasn't defeated the top opponents and the question will always linger.

  3. Randy Couture is taking names. At 44 years young, Couture is defying the odds and shaking things up in the heavyweight division by beating both Tim Silvia and Gabriel Gonzaga decisively while Fedor is accumulating ring rust from inactivity. The bigger Couture's star shines, the more Fedor's diminishes as fickle fans have short memories will eventually move on. A victory over Couture would go a long way to reestablishing Fedor's status and answering questions about his ability to conquer top-level UFC fighters.

  4. Pride fighters have performed poorly in the Octagon. The widely held belief among fanboys that Pride fighters are superior to UFC ones was given harsh wake up call when top Pride fighters Takanori Gomi, Cro Cop, Kazuki Fujita and Heath Herring were defeated by UFC fighters who weren't even the top of their division. We can't call Fedor the best until we know he can achieve victory under the unified rules with elbows and the ground n' pound dangers of fighting in the Octagon.

  5. Fedor has only passed one drug test in North America. With steroids and recreational drugs being more prevalent in MMA than most people imagined, Fedor needs to test cleanly several more times of performance enhancers under the scrutiny of independent-bodied athletic commissions in the United States. Until he does so, his previous record in Pride will have an unofficial asterisk given the lax nature of Pride's self-regulated drug testing that has come to light in recent months. Consistently producing clean tests does not definitively prove that his prior accomplishments were done without performance enhancers, but it does prove that he is able to compete and win cleanly on more than one occasion and it does aid public perception that he is a clean fighter.

Like it or not, UFC is the dominant promotion in MMA today and if Fedor has any desire to establish his legacy as one of the greatest MMA fighters of all-time, he must compete in the Octagon to solidify his place in history.

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Not a good article about Fedor.

This is not a good blog-entry.



To be considered the greatest of all-time, there has to popular consensus among the masses.

This might be true, although, this has already happened to Fedor - among the masses that knows there are other countries than America; more specifically - among the masses that knows of Pride FC. Thing is, that Randy, among other fighters (all fighters in Pride FC, and yes, even most fighters in UFC), describes Fedor as the #1 HW of the World. Take Sweden for an example, most MMA-fans here would without any reasonable doubt describe him as #1 HW.

So, to say there has to be popular consensus among the masses, is kind of a way to describe Fedors' status. It's mostly ignorant, booing, ground-hating so called "fans", drinking beer and causing havoc in the North-American Arenas, that doesn't recognize him and/or consider him to be the best.



To be the man, you got to beat the man.

Yes, and Fedor has done exactly that. He beat the #1 ranked fighters in the world, to become the champ.

Taking examples of champions in an organization that didn't have any good champions at the time, to begin with, is not exactly going to approve your point. Tim Sylvia, the guy that lost his Champion-belt because of juicing issues to a guy that lost his belt because of a tragic accident, to Arlovski that lost his belt back to Tim Sylvia, that lost the belt again to a 43 years old Randy Couture - a retired fighter - are these guys who you consider to be the top opponents of Fedor? No, his top opponents were in Pride FC. Because of the obvious reasons; a) he was contracted to Pride FC, and couldn't have fought them as much as he might have wanted; and b) the best fighters (considering the stability, history and rankings of the opponents in Pride FC - of which many were former champions of UFC) fought in Pride FC.

So the question is - which top opponents at the time, did he not fight (excluding Randy, because Randy fought LHW at the time)? If you really think about it, the top opponents were in Pride FC and got beaten by Fedor.



Randy Couture is taking names.

Are you serious about making this a point about Fedor not being the #1 HW? Really? Look at what you wrote, read it again, and ask yourself; "Are ignorant, ground-hating, booing, drunk fans' recognosition really THAT important when it comes to consideration about the #1 HW and P4P of the World?".

If your answer is 'Yes', we might as well stop here. Heck, you should stop here, stop watching MMA, stop watching any sports and throw away your computer, screen, papers and pens - because then you have NOTHING to do with writing about sports. Sorry, but that's the truth. Both you and I know it; fans are stupid, and changes favourites as often as we change our underwear.

Well, anyways, I'll try to answer this point with something more constructive than ranting about stupid fans.

Randy is an amazing fighter. Being the top notch of the UFC, at the age of 44, is truely remarkable. A victory over Randy would be good for anyone in the UFC, however, a victory over Fedor would be greater for Randys' resumé than vice versa. Fedor is considered #1 HW now, and Randy has to beat Fedor to take his place. You are thinking reversed. You consider Fedor to be the contender for the #1 spot, while it actually is the other way around.



Pride fighters have performed poorly in the Octagon.

No, they haven't. Two of the reigning champions in the UFC are former Pride Fighters. Actually, not only that, many more of the contenders for the belts in UFC are just former Pride fighters. Nogueira is one of them in the heavyweights. Actually, the LHW belt is on the line tonight, between two Pride Fighters. And this is before most of the Pride fighters has truely come to the UFC. There are many fighters yet to come, many which are highly ranked all over the world, including Wanderlei Silva and Shogun Rua.

So, saying that Pride fighters has performed poorly is wrong.



Fedor has only passed one drug test in North America.

...and still won his fight. Need I say more?

The man is actually strongly against streoids, and works in his home country to prevent steroid-abuse in Combat Sambo.

Conclusion; you are not on track with this so called "article" (blog).

Do it again, and do it right this time.

With best Regards/ Söderberg.


I forgot to write 'journalist' in citationmarks, because I'm just as much a sportsjournalist as you are. It might have been my misunderstanding to think you wrote professionally, although it seemed to be announced as a real article on a fighting forum.

I concur

I agree with Söderberg very strongly...he stated more than what I was going to sat

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