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Dynasty Warriors + Gundam = Cool

Chi Kong Lui's picture

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Art

When you've been critiquing games for as long as I have, it's hard to not be disenchanted and desensitized by all the hyperbole that comes with press releases for new games. It's been a long time since anything has grabbed my attention and got my fanboy juices going, but the drought is over after Namco Bandai and Koei announced Dynasty Warriors: Gundam coming in late summer to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

All it took was the combination of two things I love: Dynasty Warriors and Gundam. The patented Dynasty Warriors battlefield hack-n'-slash gameplay mixed with the rich and complex storyline of the Gundam universe is a match made in fanboy heaven.

When you consider both series have languished creatively for quite some time, this comic-book crossover almost seems crucial. Here's hoping that the high-tech weaponry and space combat of Gundam will reinvigorate that Dynasty Warriors gameplay in a big way and Dynasty Warriors proven formula will provide Gundam with a game that's engaging and transcends the usual licensed title follies.

In the meantime, enjoy these screenshots.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Screenshot

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Screenshot

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Screenshot

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Screenshot

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Hey Chi, do you also collect

Hey Chi, do you also collect Gundam toys? Just wondering.

Being a mech-head, I collect

Being a mech-head, I collect any interesting bots that are good sculpts and reasonably affordable. Awhile back Bandai domestically released two 12 inch deluxe figures of GP01 and GP02 from the 0083 (which is my favorite Gundam series) so I couldn't resist picking those up. Then they also released the Arch Enemy line which went from the RX-78 to the goofy Wing stuff. The quality on the Arch Enemy line was model-kit quality stuff and I don't regret picking those up. Since then, the Gundam franchaise lost a lot of steam in the US and there hasn't been any good toys that I've seen since.

It's easy to get Gundam toys

It's easy to get Gundam toys in Asian countries. Be sure to check out those Gundam specialty stores if you ever go to Japan or Taiwan. Philippines also has plenty of Gundam toys.

Ironically, the only Gundams in my collection are those goofy Wing stuffs. I have all of them except Epion, Tallgeese II, Wing Zero and Deathscythe Hell. Despite being a mediocre anime, I don't know why I like the designs of Wing's mechs. Maybe I find their goofiness charming.

Do you buy the toys that you have to manually assemble, or the ones that are already built? I kind of prefer the manually-assembled ones because I like the meticulous process. Makes me feel like I'm actually building a robot.

I'm glad I'm not in Asia

I'm glad I'm not in Asia because it would be like a kid in a candy store. I'd go crazy trying to decide what to waste my money on.

I bought one of the mini-snap-together Gundam models and while I enjoyed the experience, it took too much time and devotion to do it right (even for a snap together one). I just prefer the action-figure variety.

I don't blame you for picking up the the Gundam Wing models. That have some nice designs that look great regardless of the actual anime.

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