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Gamecritics.com Podcast Episode 80: System Sellers?

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Have you ever bought a system for one game? That's the question we discuss this episode. We also hear about Brad's trip to the Retro Games Expo, and talk about Torchlight 2, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Tokyo Jungle and more. Also, Richard contemplates putting on water skiis. With Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Mike Bracken, Richard "Shark Man" Naik, and Dylan Collins

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Retro games

Really enjoyed the Retro Games Festival section, and its accompanying written piece. Very cool to hear how Brad's son reacted to it all. They should take that show on the road.

No.... no TWD episode 4?

No.... no TWD episode 4? D:
Hopefully you guys get to that soon. I'm a big fan and love your discussions regarding the series.

One thing I was interested in regarding Torchlight 2 was, does it really do anything new or something significantly what sets it apart from Diablo 2? I mean, I understand that it does the lootwhoring thing well, and significantly better than most "Diablo copies", but is there any reason to buy Torchlight 2 over Diablo 2? Having never played either game, I was wondering if Torchlight 2 is an improved version, or if I should just go straight to Diablo 2, the game that everyone hails as the king of lootwhoring games.

Also, congratulations to Dylan for his 10th official podcast.

The games are very similar,

The games are very similar, but Torchlight 2 looks about a million times better than Diablo 2 -- which makes sense, since Diablo 2 is ancient at this point.

Diablo 2 is still probably the king of lootwhoring games for me, only because it nailed the formula first. I think anyone who loves this subgenre of game needs to experience Diablo 2 at some point -- it's an essential experience. However, Torchlight 2 is a little more modern and that counts for something.

Plus, I don't know what the D2 community looks like these days, but Torchlight 2 has a vibrant community of players in all the various level ranges, so finding an online game is pretty easy.

So, after all that, there's no definitive answer here. You can't really go wrong with either experience.

Mike, what'd you end up

Mike, what'd you end up doing with your copy of Night Trap?

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