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GameCritics.com Podcast Episode 76: Listener Questions, Dawnguard, The Walking Dead--Episode Two

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In this episode, Chi and Brad play Dawnguard, Richard plays League of Legends, Mike plays Demon's Souls (2 years late) and we ALL play The Walking Dead Episode Two. We also took some listener questions. Haven't you always wondered what Chi's favorite Pokémon is? WELL HERE IS THE CHANCE TO LEARN! With Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Mike Bracken, Richard "We still hate Duck" Naik and Dylan Collins.

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Walking Dead

Great listening as usual, folks. I'm impressed with the enthusiasm for the Walking Dead - it was interesting to hear you sit around chewing the fat about game decisions you made, almost like actual fans rather than the jaded, cynical critics you are. :P

For late adopters like me - coincidentally the series is up on Steam with 40% off, though only for another ten hours or so.

The desert island game question was a bit tongue in cheek, but imagine if you played the Souls games without access to the wiki, how much potential is there. Playing through with different classes, eking out a piece of the story at a time...

Civilisation was a good answer, though my personal game would probably be Mount and Blade, as it also allows you to play with a vast range of strategies and self-imposed restrictions if need be. This is applicable to the likes of Team Fortress and DOTA/League of Legends as well - the best games are those with a dollop of strategy which can be (re)played in many different ways, I guess.

It was a very interesting

It was a very interesting podcast to listen to, keep 'em coming.

About League of Legends: There is a chatroom called "The Gentlemen's Club" in every server (as far as I know. I play in EUNE but I think the chatroom originated from NA), and it's point is to gather all the reasonable people who are not assholes together. There should be players from a wide skill range there, and it's an easy way to find people to play with.

In the Walking Dead, I sided with Kenny in Decision 4, which was the one everyone considered shocking. I was surprised to hear that Richard did not go with the same choice.

I'm glad to hear that everyone loves The Walking Dead games as much as I do.

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