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GameCritics.com Podcast Dylan Collins Audition Episode

Dylan Collins's picture

After an exhaustive search that spanned multiple continents and an interview process that involved chainsaw-filled cage matches and a perilous journey through shark-infested jungles, we found our man from the depths of the Interwebs and his name is Dylan Collins. Dylan "Not-Tim-Spaeth" Collins joins Chi Kong Lui, Mike Bracken, Richard Naik and Brad Gallaway for the first time in his inaugural audition episode that kicks off a new era of the GC Podcast.

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Congrats, Dylan!

Congrats, Dylan!


Admit it: You only took him in because of his cool sounding name, hahaha. Just kidding. Downloading and transferring to my sony walkman (yes doing some advertisement too). Can't wait!

Good job!

Good job Dylan!


I just wanna know if Dylan ever dips his toes in a little ass?

new host

Very well done Dylan. You fitted in and got into the flow of podcast hosting nicely.

I think that some Dylan Collins backstory for the next podcast would help the audience get to know you better.

On a general note, ( except specialized shows like Cane and Rinse ) all gaming podcasts should have a ' what you've been playing ' segment on EVERY SHOW. Its what almost all listeners want the most. Its what we're doing, its what we're most excited about and its what's most currently relevant to gamers.

The audience and myself love hearing/sharing my gaming experience with fun and interesting group discussions such as on podcasts. Hearing different perspectives, helping to better understand what each games means to us, exploring new ways to think about the games we're playing etc.

Or just listening to a good conversation. Keep up the good work GC.

I wish I never have to deal

I wish I never have to deal with something as difficult as taking the role of someone so special as Tim...

That being said, Dylan has done a great work, and I think he will improve in future episodes... It has been just his first show! I did not think that the first show after Tim could sound so natural, and actually some credit has to be given to Mike, Richard, Brad and Chi, who have made things even easier for Dylan. Did everyone of you guys know Dylan before recording this podcast?

PS: Anyway, Tim will always be in our minds... I think of him every time I see my Too Human copy, that I bought just based on his well-know love for that game. :-)

new host

Clearly there will be fits and starts, but I was pleased! nice work Dylan.
I agree, a bit of backstory would help me get invested in some of the newly introduced characters in this ongoing simulation :)

PS - Richard, really the main quest in Morrowind is actually quite good IMO, much better than Oblivion/Skyrim. I put it off myself as well, but returned to it a few years back and was really surprised - it's actually one of my favorite TES questlines all told (but then, Morrowind is so damn good, it's not surprising really)You really ought to go back to it, plus the expansions for Morrowind are just excellent. Still one of those games I fire up once a year.

None of us knew Dylan before

None of us knew Dylan before he applied -- and the recording was the first time any of us (as far as I know) ever actually "spoke" with him outside of a few emails.

Mic quality

Dylan you did a very good job once you got into the flow of things I'm sure you'll continue doing a good job in the future the only thing I would say is maybe look into a new mic. Blue makes a 50 dollar mic I think it's called the snowball it's great for podcasts and would be the only thing I can think to tell you to improve your performance so far.


Mike Bracken wrote:

None of us knew Dylan before he applied -- and the recording was the first time any of us (as far as I know) ever actually "spoke" with him outside of a few emails.

If thats the case I think thats pretty impressive, whilst it was a little awkward, and understandably so, it sure didn't seem like the pod was being hoested by a stranger. I thought Dylan did a decent job. I especially liked the "Bruce" intros.

Will there be other auditions? Or was this a specific try out for Dylan? It would be cool if you guys could be a bit more transparent, as I'm sure everyone would just like the podcast to continue smoothly. Its the highlight of a very fine site.

in that case it was a super

in that case it was a super impressive first show eveyone. Well done Dylan. Looking forward to the next one!

re: Morrowind: The main

re: Morrowind: The main quest is one of those things I've always meant to get back to, but never did. Combine that with the fear of getting sucked in again, and its put me off. Maybe one day though.

re: Dylan: Nope, none of us knew him beforehand. I think we really lucked out here.

Keep it up!

Glad to see the podcast staying strong. The only tip I think I would recommend to Dylan during the adjustment period is to be less of a fan and more of the team. I'm sure it will take time, but you want to sound like one of the crew, not someone who just won a guest host spot on their favorite show. Love the enthusiasm, so keep at it and you'll do fine.


I'm surprised Mike's proposal of a Highlander game didn't cause any comments about the recently released Neverdead. It's pretty much exactly the game Mike described.

Also, it's apparently absolute and utter shite ;)

I haven't played NeverDead,

I haven't played NeverDead, but from what I've seen and heard, it has nothing at all in common with Highlander other than the character being immortal.

I don't think it's anything like what I was talking about at all.


Thanks for the comments, guys. I thought I'd drop by and respond to a bunch of the comments in one post. I really appreciate the mostly positive response to my hosting abilities. I was a little uncomfortable stepping into the cannibalistic shoes of such a fantastic host.

@crappymeatplow: not to my knowledge. I feel like that is something I would remember.

@tslog: That's a good idea. I'll give a little backstory on the next episode. I am going to leave out my experiences as a male gigolo in Guam, though. That's for the book.

@Bornie: I have listened to a fair amount of podcasts, and he is the best I have ever heard host. I hope to be second best. :P The guys and I had never met before we did the episode. They were great about making me feel comfortable, and not yelling at me too much.

@Mr.Pants:Thanks! I actually have a Blue Yeti, which is the next step up from the snowball. I will try and get the sound levels a little cleaner for episode 71.

Thanks again for listening and supporting the show, and thank you for the constructive feedback. We have some great things planned!


Great job, Dylan!! It's

Great job, Dylan!! It's awesome to hear you on such a great project! I know that you will bring some awesome things to this, and am excited to hear future episodes! :)

I buckled down and finished

I buckled down and finished Morrowind's main quest last September, after having come back to the game many times.

And I'm telling you, it's the best thing Bethesda has ever made. If you played plenty of Morrowind you know how rich the history is. But the amazing thing is that after dicking around for years with the game, you'll be pretty sure that:

A) you've seen all the game assets on Vvardenfell just by wandering around. You might even have been beyond the Ghostfence and seen some messed up shit there.
B) you fully understand the boring, dry history of Nerevar, his buddy Vivec, the Dwemer, and the Daedra. They all seem like separate things.

But they aren't, it all ties together. I've never seen another game that could show a whole civilization taken in by myths and propaganda from the victors of a conflict. I got so eager to understand what really happened at Red Mountain, and who your character really is. And to the game's credit, It never comes directly out and tells you. There's tons of information you can read on it and people you can talk to, but ultimately you have to judge for yourself.

Anyway. As far as I'm concerned, it's a singular experience, no video game has had this kind of success with building myths and then letting you play the archaeologist, pulling them apart. I think any fan of the scrolls series should finish it. No matter what's been spoiled, it goes deeper than that. I can't think of a game that's really tackled divine forces and their effect on the world so well.

My personal 'one that got away' is still Daggerfall. It hasn't been preserved as well, without the huge mod community modernizing it. That game just does not handhold you at all into understanding its story. But I'm sure I'll play it again.

Good job!

Just catching up with this podcast now, and popping in to say well done to all - for me it was a fairly seamless transition from the Tim era. Engaging topics and an entertaining host. Well done to DYlan in particular - the Bruce intro made me laugh out loud. Looking forward to more.

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