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Denis Farr

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Denis Farr was raised by a pride of orange-panted mice who worshiped the cheese goddess known as his mother in the customs of the barbars. Which is to say, said mother taught him all about being silly and beating the snot out of Donkey Kong in his original arcade format at a very early age (it may have colored how he sees the world). Originally this was all done in German, later in English.

Wishing to continue this seeking of silliness, he attended an all-male college in the middle of nowhere and there encountered kindred souls who wishes to take games and talk about them at length. Perhaps to inane degrees at times. It's okay, it was a liberal arts college.

These days, Denis finds himself entering deep discussions with his nephew about the dragons that hide in tree branches, hopping around Chicago and chasing down that elusive happiness, and writing reviews from the perspective of someone who refuses to play himself in them. Silly former actors...

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