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David Stone

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Brief Bio

Doing videogame reviews wasn't something David ever seriously considered, but he's just too opinionated to keep his mouth shut. Born in 1980, he was brought up playing everything from Atari 2600 to NES because of his brother. However, while his sibling's interest in gaming waned, David's interest continued to flourish. Today, he has over a dozen systems still hooked up to his gaming rig. An avid Castlevania fan, he even purchased the Holy Grail of the series, Dracula X for PC Engine, even though he has yet to acquire the console. This has led David to become a videogame collector as well as a player. He has a penchant for rhythm, platform, action and adventure titles. He enjoys the esoteric ones as well. But there isn't a game that David isn't willing to try once, even the legendary Bebe's Kids. David is also a successful musician, graduating from the University of Toronto with an honors bachelor of music composition degree. His works have been performed across North America and Europe. In addition, David has written works for the theatre, film and national and international television In between his gaming and music, David spends his time with the two rabbits he keeps with his wife, Gamecritic emeritus Erin Bell (whose relationship has even survived Battletoads). They currently share a home with their son in Toronto, Canada.

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