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Would you buy an M-rated game on a Nintendo platform (Wii or DSi)?

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What kind of question is that? :)

I'd purchase *any* good game on a Nintendo platform. I wouldn't buy an M rated game just because it's M rated on any platform, if that is the question you're actually asking! That and it doesn't change my perception of Nintendo or their products at all.

Yes James I am actually asking this. :)

Yes James I am actually asking this. :)

The Wii and Nintendo DS are the consoles to beat in terms of install base. Yet when you look at their respective libraries, there are hardly any titles rated M.

2009 looks like it will be the year the Wii gets real support, and especially in the M-rated category. Unfortunately, there have already been two high-profile third party titles already--House of the Dead: Overkill and MadWorld--released to collective silence from the hardcore gamers with Wiis. Lord knows what is in store for The Conduit. Maybe all of this hype from Sega will result in it selling over 100,000 units. * Fingers crossed. *

The DS got a huge third-party boost from Rockstar in the form of GTA: Chinatown Wars. A bellwether for the M-rated push on DS, it only managed to pull in 88,704 units. A GTA game sells less than 90,000 in its first month? It didn't get a GTA4 level of marketing, but it is still GTA. Analysts were disagreeing about total numbers, but never foresaw sales dipping below 200,000.

In short, no one--compared to the total install base of either platform--is buying M-rated games. There is already the issue of gamers buying third party games, but now we are seeing hard evidence that adult games just aren't welcome on the Nintendo platforms.

Maybe, if the game is good.

Having already purchased a "M" rated game for the Wii (House of the Dead: Overkill) I still chose "Maybe" because it all depends on game quality. The rating means little to me if the quality of the game is not up to snuff. I find Overkill to be a quite enjoyable game (minus the dialogue) and it is a shame more copies haven't been sold.

Won't buy

I bought the DS after learning just how Nintendo was going to pull off dual-screen games that controlled with a stylus.

Then I discovered the PSP and while I still enjoy the Nintendo titles on the DS, the PSP is clearly the more grown-up handheld.

Sony has been supplying games for older gamers almost since the beginning. Nintendo has only now decided to do the same. But by now I've already passed my DS onto my little sister.

Chinatown Wars was a slap in the face.

Chinatown Wars was a slap in the face. Something that Nintendo does a lot. First we see a super realistic footage of Link way back and then we get cartoony cel-shaded Link a year later.

And here we go again. GTA4 arrives as one of the coolest looking masterpieces in recent history and Nintendo gives us cartoony cel-shaded GTA. Its a slap in the face.

I agree with the comment,

I agree with the comment, minus the slapping bits. I think Chinatown Wars didn't sell because of the cel shading, pure and simple.

Cel-shading is like garlic

I don't know if that was the deciding factor but I think you're right about the cel-shading David.

Cel-shading and adult games don't go hand in hand, especially not in this country, and it could be that gamers took one look at Chinatown Wars and decided they wouldn't be caught dead playing it.

MadWorld (and Killer 7 and No More Heroes) probably suffered the same fate.

Don't forget XIII, though

Don't forget XIII, though the game wasn't too great on its own merits.

celshaded graphics were wrong move

Why on Earth would Rockstar make Chinatown Wars celshaded? Its like they didn't know which market to hit so they tried to hit both. Its celshaded to sell it to the DS audience, but it was still GTA so Rockstar had to focus on the hardcore and made it Mature.

Rockstar should have just released it with "realistic" ploygonal graphics. It wouldn't have been pretty, but neither are these early sales.

Why are people still complaining about cel shading?

Seriously, folks. It's been nigh on to 10 years since Jet Set Radio on Dreamcast and the graphics fetishists are still bawling about games with cel-shading. It's an established graphical style at this point, no less than so than photorealism (or photo-"realism", in the case of the heightened visuals of the RE and GTA series). Do you also hate Andy Warhol for not painting the Mona Lisa? Do you resent animated films for not being filmed in live action? Do you get mad when you read a book that doesn't have color photographs on every page? Do you spit out an ice cream sandwich when it doesn't taste like a New York strip steak?

I can tell you very simply why Sega and Rockstar's M-rated offerings aren't selling like the casual stuff on the Wii/DS. The Wii ethos focuses very heavily on group play, and you can't play many M-rated titles in mixed company. I love HOTD:Overkill from the bottom of my zombie-blasting heart, but I don't have anybody to play head-to-head with other than my old college buddies. If the girlfriend or family are over, I'll be much more likely to toss in something more accessible like Mario Kart. I'm grateful to Sega for experimenting with the edgier content on Wii, but I doubt that the M-rated titles will be anything more than cult items. Not that there's anything wrong with a cult classic...

Not really for me

I consider myself a hardcore gamer, but I find the M rating more of an obstacle to entertainment than a bonus. Take MadWorld, for instance: to me it just looks.. distasteful, shall we say. I would buy an M-rated game if it looked like a good game- RE4, for instance, was excellent. But I certainly don't seek out games with blood and guts. Maybe I'm a common Nintendo fan. I have a Wii and a DS, and nothing from Sony or Microsoft.

Anyway, I said "Maybe", because I can overlook a game's excesses if it's good.

Chinatown Wars

Chinatown Wars is a very good game. Discrediting it because of its graphic style is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I don't know any other way they could have pulled it off on the DS.

Rockstar put a lot more effort in Chinatown Wars than they did on the PSP editions.


Maybe that is what is killing any chances of third-party titles for the Wii or DS. In an effort to get as far as away from what you expect on the Nintendo platforms, third-parties are releasing ultra-gory, and somewhat crude, M-rated titles in an effort to stand out.

This may be back-firing on them no matter what the numbers in our poll would have you believe.

It seems to be having the opposite effect of turning potential customers off completely.

Maybe no one knows what they want

When I came up with this poll it was hot off the news that sales for Sega's MadWorld and House of the Dead: Overkill and Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown were beyond disappointing. That let me to ask a simple question: Would you buy an M-rated game on a Nintendo platform? Yes, it was absurdly simple, but giving such paltry sales numbers, I'm sure I wasn't the only one that was asking that out loud.

Now looking at the results so far, it seems third-parties are going to have an even harder time finding success on the Wii or DS. Because here by an overwhelming number--80% of those who answered the poll--people say they would buy an M-rated game on the DS or Wii.

Maybe it is not M-Rated games that people will, but certain types of M-Rated games. Maybe they would have bought Chinatown Wars if it had more realistic graphics. Maybe the graphics were what threw people off. Maybe Sega was wrong in choosing such over-the-top graphical violence for a Wii game. Or maybe it should have used more realistic graphics instead of going the stylized route. Or maybe both. Maybe Sega shouldn't have had such crude language in Overkill. Maybe Sega's The Conduit being such a vanilla shooter with impressive Wii graphics will actually fit a happy medium.

That's a lot of maybes I threw in there but it is only to illustrates the problems third-parties have working on Nintendo platforms. Whether it is a finicky consumer or Nintendo's own roadblocks, success on Nintendo platforms is no sure thing.

Does this poll really mean anything

Well, in my opinion, does this poll relate to what the majority of Nintendo owners feel as most people here are probably 18+ whilst most of the Nintendo owners are younger and wouldn't post here

HotD Overkill and MadWorld for $30

According to the poll, an overwhelming majority of you would buy M-rated Wii or DS games. Well here they are: MadWorld and House of the Dead: Overkill are going for under $30 at Amazon.com. At prices like these, surely they can surpass 100K in sales.

Not telling the whole story.

Jacob wrote:

Well, in my opinion, does this poll relate to what the majority of Nintendo owners feel as most people here are probably 18+ whilst most of the Nintendo owners are younger and wouldn't post here

I can see your point Jacob, but what younger gamer wouldn't say yes to an M-rated game? :)

I guess I'm also challenging the polls results given the current sentiment regarding the Wii and DS. They are viewed as "for kids" toys and the 18+ users here aren't hesitating to jump on board.

Would they stop playing Halo Wars, Infamous or whatever and head out to pick up a copy of MadWorld, The Conduit or GTA Chinatown Wars? Going by this poll the answer is yes. Going by sales figures from Sega and the NPDs, the answer seems to be the exact opposite.

It isn't adding up. That's all I'm saying.

My best conclusion is that people are just being polite for lack of a better word. They are saying yes in the broadest sense, like "Yeah I'd buy an M-rated game for a Nintendo platform--I have no plans to ever do so, but it's not like I have something against the Wii or DS."

Do not buy this if you are

Do not buy this if you are under 17.This contains very big violence that is resticted to kids.To play it,you need permission

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