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Will the new $299 PlayStation 3 price entice you to buy?

31% (99 votes)
27% (86 votes)
17% (54 votes)
Already own a PS3.
24% (77 votes)
Total votes: 316
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need another option

For those of us who already took the plunge...

Yeah... this poll is for

Yeah... this poll is for those who don't own a PS3. :)

Feel free to post a comment on how you feel.

I already have a 40Gigs

I already have a 40Gigs version, so I'm not getting a new one, but yes, I'm pretty sure if I didn't have one, that'd do the trick.



I think you still need to

I think you still need to add an "already own" option otherwise PS3 owners can't see the results of the poll. It would be interesting to see how many of us already own it.

Where are the games?

Ok, now its affordable - but what about the games?
I am looking forward to Heavy Rain and the new team ico Game (the name eludes me right now), but i am not spending that kind of money on a console which has such a painfully average selection of games.
Little Big planet is the only title that interests me on the console but its just not enough for me to make the plunge yet.

Surprisingly, no

Thought I'd be interested in finally picking up a PS3 once it got down to $299, but I really don't see the need to do so anymore. I have too much vested in Xbox Live with Friends, XBLA games, Netflix, Achievements, etc., etc., to have more than a passing urge to buy a PS3. There are a few PSN games I'm certainly interested in playing, but not enough to limit the enjoyment I'll get from the Xbox which I probably don't use enough as it is.


I agree with the above.

In fact, that is exactly what I am going to do. Especially with a 120 gig HD installed with it. And with hopes that the upcoming 3.0 patch will carry some backwards compatibility issues. Not that I have anything to play, but the option to do so (since there are just SO MANY goddamn games nowadays) is what I like.

My hold out on the PS3 was for Final Fantasy 13 -- which is STILL walking around with a soft release date.

Also, I see Xbox is looking to cut back prices to compete with the Slim, thus this is a good time for any gamer to come out of the wood work and consider their options.

Time to feel smug

Once again, I am thrilled to have the 60 gig model, just so I can avoid half of this nonsense about compatibility issues and whatnot.

I really prefer the look of the original PS3. Yes, it's bloated, but it looks a lot more "serious" than the plastic kid's toy look of the new one. As long as it gets more games, I'll be happy. Right now, it's a great upscaling PS2 and Blu-ray player.

The Only game that i see

The Only game that i see worth buying a ps3 would be God of war 3 and Heavy Rain and to tell you the truth that little bit of games isn't enough to make me buy a ps3 sorry sony ps3 should only cost 150 i own psp and i paid sony 200 USD for a system that barley has any good games on it one game this whole year that i wanted was gran turismo come on sony you can do better than that i want more psp games

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