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What is the 2008 Game of the Year?

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Post your GOTY here

If you felt the Game of the Year wasn't listed in the poll (you voted "Other"), please feel free to post that game here and tells us why you chose it.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I selected other. Super Smash Bros. Brawl should be game of the year. Its the reason I bought my Wii.

no love for the world is not

no love for the world is not enough? it was only the most refreshing rpg I've ever played! forget chrono trigger, this was the rpg to get if your a rpg fan.


I think you mean The World Ends with You. The World is not Enough was a James Bond film. :)

Art Style: Orbient. It's

Art Style: Orbient.

It's unique, it's challenging, it stays fresh and fun throughout, it's satisfying both in small doses and long start-to-end marathons. It makes no missteps. It doesn't waste your time like many of the games on your list.


i thought the best game was Guitar Hero World Tour. It is so much fun. I think Rock Band 2 has been copying Guitar Hero too much. Guitar Hero was the first game of its kind and then Rock Band comes along to try to copy and make money. Plus, Rock Band copies all of the songs from Guitar Hero. Rock Band doesn't let the player control characters and thing like that like Guitar Hero does.

in case you didnt know,

in case you didnt know, Guitar hero and Rock band were basically made by the same people. Harmonix developed Guitar hero 1 and 2, then sold the franchise and went on to make Rock Band. So any similarities you see are probably intentional.

It also explains why Guitar Hero 3 wasnt as good...

Activision bought out

Activision bought out Harmonix and they moved on to create Rock Band. ;)

I meant Red Octane was

I meant Red Octane was bought by Activision, not Harmonix. ;)

Mirror's Edge

I think that you forgot the most innovative, interesting and all around fun game this year: Mirror's Edge. It's just above Left 4 Dead for me. Gears 2 is glitchey and GTA4 is boring for story. L4D is very fun and innovative, but the story is lacking. It doesn't need a story, and probably would be worse with it, but still I like to be immersed by a great story. Right after L4D is Prince of Persia for it's artistry and movie like game play. At least, this is how I feel.

Mirror's Edge ftw!

Poll Update

2008 is now over. That doesn't mean the voting will stop, only that this poll will be replaced on the homepage by a new one.

That being the case, we can do a final tally:

Braid: 2%
Burnout Paradise: 1%
Fable 2: 2%
Fallout 3: 18%
Gears of War 2: 10%
Grand Theft Auto 4: 15%
Left 4 Dead: 5%
LittleBigPlanet: 6%
Metal Gear Solid 4: 18%
Ninja Gaiden 2: 1%
Resistance 2: 1%
Rock Band 2: 5%
Spore: 3%
Other: 14%

This winner was Fallout 3. This is really a surprise because for a while it was looking like Metal Gear Solid 4 was going to run away with it. Also of note is Grand Theft Auto 4's third place finish. Once proclaimed the GOTY way back when, it was edged out by later, presumably better releases.

More surprises come from Fable 2's, LittleBigPlanet's and Left 4 Dead's showing. The latter two being recent releases, their showing makes sense, but Fable 2 was also released within the same holiday season window, but was never really in the race.

What isn't surprising is that as with all of these Game of the Year deals, titles released in the beginning of the year rarely make a dent.

We Ski is GREAT!!!

I voted other. We Ski is awesome!

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