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Video: "Project Trico" offers glimpses of PlayStation 3 game?

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Could this be the long rumored, and eagerly anticipated "sequel" to the adventure series (ICO and Shadow of the Colossus) that first appeared on the PlayStation 2?

"Project Trico" is purported to be an test footage of the PlayStation 3 follow-up to the two games. It does look early, but shows glimpses of what you might expect from the creators of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. Here's hoping that a real game is in the works and something will make an appearance at E3.

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The more I look at this video, the more I am amazed at how unique Team Ico games are in look and feel (yes, I know it is just a video).

Whether it is objectives or environments, everything just looks organic. And even when you see the more "gamey" platform jumping and exploration, it's different in that it incorporates the series' trademark cooperation. It's what I absolutely love about the series.

I really hope this video is a teaser for what is to be unveiled or at least announced at E3.

Are we sure it's all just a video?

Because the stuff with him climbing the tail looked like a hi-res version of SotC.

More importantly, the new Ico game is about a boy and his giant pet Brid/Kitten. You have no idea how happy that makes me.

Also, it's scored to the theme from my favorite film, Miller's Crossing. It's like this video was specifically designed to get me excited about the game.

Project Trico music...

This test footage is over a year old. The developer was probably using it to demonstrate the game to someone outside the company which is why it looks as good as it does. The Miller Crossing music is placeholder music though... according to NeoGAF.


Do want!

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