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Video: G4's Epictober Film Festival showcases three game-inspired horror films

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Video: G4's Epictober Film Festival showcases three game-inspired horror films

For October, G4 hosted its very first "Epictober Film Festival". This festival afforded G4tv.com's Creative Director Joe Lynch the opportunity to work with three talented directors to create three unique and inventive video game-inspired horror films.

The first film of the festival was Sam Balcomb's The Hunt, the second was Drew Daywalt's Kart Driver and the third was Gregg Bishop's The Birds of Anger. The titles of the short films should be self-explanatory, but if they aren't then that's all the more reason to watch. At no more than 10 minutes each, they are well worth your time.

Ok, I realize that Halloween was this past Monday and it would have been more fitting to post these horror/suspense videos on that day. But some of us are busy. Beside, Halloween was delayed until Thursday (November 3rd) in many parts of the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) so this post is still actually topical.

Source: G4TV

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