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Sony has debuted its motion-controller called the PlayStation Move. What do you think?

Looks interesting.
39% (161 votes)
Not interested.
61% (257 votes)
Total votes: 418
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PlayStation Move unveiled

It's almost here. Sony's answer to the Wii-mote and nunchuck and Microsoft's Project Natal.

Bit of both

I'm interested and not at the same time. Will certainly have to wait until more information.

*Clipse's "Mr. Me Too"

*Clipse's "Mr. Me Too" playing in the background*

Wait and see

I am not a fan of motion controls, but I am interesting in see what Sony does different. They said that they will pay closer attention to the hardcore crowd than Nintendo.

I also don't think they will force the player to use the motion controls. For example SOCOM 4 will be compatible with both Move and the Duel Shock. Nintendo typically force the player to play the game their way. For Example Zelda on the DS not having a d-pad and face button option.

I chose "looks interesting"

I chose "looks interesting" and went the literal route. I think the controller looks interesting/ridiculous. I'm all for motion controls but this design makes me chuckle.

A more phallic version of

A more phallic version of the Wiimote. Does it vibrate as well? Does it incorporate a lubricant compartment?

I guess it's time for the PS3 to be flooded with shovelware. Frankly, I don't care for motion controls. I enjoy playing console games with my hands on my knees or under a blanket (its still freezing cold, in here!). Even in Heavy Rain, I found the motion controls annoying. The only good games using this technology that I can think of are Flower and No More Heroes. Resident Evil 4 Wii edition and MP 3 were OK, but not an improvement, IMO. Just an alternative. They're great for sports games but I don't play them.
So, no, I'm not interested at all

Quite Interested

I'm actually quite interested. I currently own all three systems and am looking forward to the option of motion based gameplay on all three (when Move and Natal arrive). I thought the Metroid Prime 3 system was awesome and really helped to immerse me in the game, Mario Galaxy was also a bit of a triumph in my opinion. I'm currently enjoying Zack & Wiki mostly due to the way it controls, often provoking those happy feelings I had as a kid when I figured out how to 'do' something new in a game. From what I've seen so far, I think Natal is the only system that has the potential to revolutionize Motion-based control, the possibilities (if it works as it seems to) are amazing. I'll wait to see if any must have games come out exclusively using 'Move' before I buy though.

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