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Sensitivity to earthquake, tsumani disaster results in delays and cancellations

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Disaster Report 4 Screenshot

We've all heard the numbers. Billions of yen needed to repair Japan. Millions of Japanese citizens without power or drinkable water. And a nuclear reactor, that appears to be rescued from collapse on a daily basis. This makes what I'm about to write seem trite by comparison.

While not as dire a consequence as lack of food, water and shelter, the Japan disaster has resulted in delays and even cancellations of major game titles.

Irem has canceled development on Disaster Report 4. The game will not be released, ever. A game in which an earthquake destroys Japan seems in appropriate especially given the years of recovery needed from this recent real life disaster.

Sony has delayed MotorStorm: Apocalypse. Apocalypse is a story-driven entry in the MotorStorm franchise and in it players race through an urban environment during an actual earthquake.

And Sega has taken the cautious route with Yakuza: Of the End. Of the End actually takes place in a town decimated by a zombie outbreak. Not exactly a natural disaster, but it proves how sensitive everyone is right now when it comes to imagery let alone content.

Source: Joystiq

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It's obvious that these

It's obvious that these games are not going to be sold soon, but I don't know if it really makes sense to forbid their release in the future.

Actually, many movies and even games have been made about real wars, natural disasters, etc, and nobody seems to care about it. I guess (as painful as it can look) that it is a matter of time, although at this moment it's impossible to look at the future when so many people is dying and suffering...

Nevertheless, now there is nothing more important than the victims and the future of the survivors. This has been probably the most well-documented tragedy ever, and for this reason, we all can feel extremely close to Japan people. My best hopes for them.

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