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Protesters arrested at Army's videogame recruitment center

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The Army Experience Center is the latest effort by the Army to use games to recruit teens and young adults. This has drawn the ire of parents and anti-war activists.

"...demonstrators were protesting the Army's use of a high-tech, video game-equipped recruitment center located in the mall.

There was a significant police presence as the protesters arrived. They were permitted to enter the mall and stage their rally at the entrance to the Army Experience Center.

As the rally ended, seven protesters, mostly in white masks, were arrested, presumably for refusing to disperse. The arrests were peaceful and appeared to be scripted by the protesters as a symbolic gesture."

The Army Experience Center is a $12 million gaming center where America's Army features prominently. Teenagers as young as 13 are allowed to play given its Teen rating.

America's Army has drawn a lot of controversy ever since it arrived on the scene and stole attention from the Halo and Medal of Honor titles with its Teen rating, bloodless kills and free-ness—as in it costs you nothing to play.

It's popularity has grown greatly over the years and the Army now sees games as a great way to recruit young people into military service or at least have access to them for a "sales pitch".

But with that popularity comes criticism that it is a tool that sends the wrong message about military experience.

Elaine Brower, one of the protesters wrote an opinion piece about the whole event and details the motivations behind the protest.

Below is a video of the entire protest:

Here is news coverage of the protest with some background of the issue:

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Random thoughts

I don't see anything wrong here, for as long as they don't violate any of our law. Maybe army's love this noise since they're making a bigs news out of it, if they want to put a stop here maybe they'll be needing some professional advice or get a lawyer and see what they can file against the army. This is one of the bad effect of video gaming, sending wrong information to the teenagers but if you'd read this article http://www.articletechie.com/WOW-GOLD-SAVES-THE-DAY-How-RMT-helped-a-Starving-Student/a8982_1 maybe you'll know the reason why there's still a lot of gamers out there who continue to patronize it.

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