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Is the Nintendo Wii's success good for the videogame industry?

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Not at all? Really!?

Just curious, why are people voting "Not at all"? How can an overall solid system, that is selling units left and right, not be good for the industry? By no means did Nintendo make the holy grail of gaming, but neither did Sony or Microsoft. So, why has the Wii not been good for the gaming industry at all?


Nintendo Wii

I don't think it's bad at all as a lot of people who were not interested in video games are now. But, I can see how someone may feel it's bad as the depth of story lines and overall games (Wii boxing vs. Gears of War, something like that), are not present with the Wii. It is a more family friendly system and people may have some unfounded fear that the gaming industry may turn to Ping Pong instead of Killzone 2.

Maybe I'm way off.

I voted "not at all" not in

I voted "not at all" not in the sense that it's negative, but in the sense that it has no effect. the Wii may be selling a ton of systems, but the people (who i see with it, anyway) aren't really going on to become gamers, per se. they see it as more of a gimmick, or a neat self-contained thing, and not a bridge to the wealth of electronic content that's out there. they get a Wii, play Wii Sports when the family's over or when someone's getting drunk, and then pack it up until next time. these people aren't really adding to games or the industry from what i see, theyre more like peripheral sales that don't have legs. core gamers who support the industry may indeed have a Wii (like i do) but they likely also have a 360 or PS3 (or at least a DS) as well.


What about all the kids who get the Wii (or DS) as their first console? I have a small cousin who is now a proud owner of a Wii after christmas, and i'm pretty sure he'll have the next Xbox or PS4 in a few more years (his parents felt the other systems weren't appropriate for his age).

Not adding more possible long term gamers?

I see what you're saying about adding nothing in the sense of "no effect". I was definitely reading it differently, but point taken. But casual gamers who are just playing the Wii do add to the industry if for nothing else they may continue to game in the future. You're right, many people are extremely casual gamers who bought the Wii. Though I also think that some who bought the Wii because of its gimmicky appeal are now be more likely to buy videogames in the future. They see this hobby in a different light and not just a nerdy, teenage-boy past time. While gaming may not become these new converts' main hobby, I think they will at least look at gaming in a more positive nature.

See, that's the thing,

See, that's the thing, though... i don't think these hyper-causals really see the Wii *AS* videogames. it's THE WII. it's different. i mean, i'm sure some of them do, but a lot of people i talk to and observe see it in a whole different category. the Wii is cool and fun, and games are still "too complicated" or "all violent".

Oh, and about the kids... that's a good point in need of exploration, but i can say that although my son (age 7) does play the Wii, he actually spends more time with the PS2/PS3/360. i think there's a longer post in there somewhere about the quality of games and the knowledge of adults in the house contributing to the growth of future gamers, but i'm just too damned tired to type it right now. ^_^

The Nintendo Wii is both

The Nintendo Wii is both good and bad for the game industry for multiple reasons.

The good is that it forces developers to implement it's unique control system, which forwards genres such as platformers and shooters, much like the nintendo 64 did. I wouldn't be surprised if all 7th gen consoles had a wii-like controller as an option, if not essential.

The bad is that it's really split apart the game industry. Before, you could find child-orientated games on the Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube.

Now, if you're children want a console, they get a Wii.

Or at least that's what developers think, judging by the complete lack of serious games on the wii, and the almost abundant amount of failed ideas like (Ninja reflex training) and etc.

Developers count children as second rate citizens, because they never seem to care all that much about graphics, voice acting, or even gameplay that much, which effectively means that the Wii is both a massive success in terms of it's profits, and a massive failure in terms of the games available.

You;re right

Neither Microsoft, Sony, or nintendo made the holy grail of gaming.

Valve did. :P

Poll Update

Time for a new poll, so as of this writing the numbers are:

Of course: 50%
Not at all: 30%
I'm not sure: 20%

Interestingly, it wasn't until the last few days that the numbers for "Not at all" made any gain on the positive votes. Maybe some new Wii owners (as of Xmas 2008 :)) hopped on to voice their disappointment. Who knows. At any rate, half of those that answered our poll say that the Wii is good for the industry.

That brings me to the other 50%. Depending on how you read the "I'm not sure" vote, you can argue that half the voters just don't know what to make of the Wii. They either disapprove of what it is or what Nintendo is doing with it, or both; or their are simply can't put their finger on what impact it will have good or bad. You can say that it is still early, but the Wii is over two years old. And two years is a good amount of time in the lifespan of a console to judge what it is and what it brings to the table.

Or maybe the Wii is just breaking all kinds of rules. Maybe it is more than a gimmick and hardcore gamers like us can't see the appeal that casual/non-gamers see in spades. Maybe it really is a gimmick, but sales figures dispute this because its numbers are only rising after bring on the market for 2+ without even a hint at a price drop. Maybe the story on the Wii won't be written until long after traditional gamers and games press stop caring.

Is there really any question

Is there really any question about this from a financial perspective? The Wii has been responsible for the majority of growth in the industry, and may have even saved christmas '08(at least according to Gamasutra).

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