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Halo 3: ODST?

23% (155 votes)
17% (114 votes)
22% (154 votes)
Don't care.
38% (262 votes)
Total votes: 685
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Series: Halo  
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ODST feels like DLC. Its a nice side story but doesn't have that epic Halo feel to it. Your abilities in the game are limited compared to the master chiefs so half the cool stuff of the other games is not there. Nay to Bungie and Microsoft for releasing such a downer.

I would've cared

If it costed thirty or forty dollars!

It's a great game and fire fight mode is awesome, but it really is just the same game with few changes that doesn't make it feel that much different from previous Halo games.

I still bought it anyway, only for the Halo Reach beta.

halo has had it's run

not that the halo games aren't fantastic or anything, but they've steadily run out of steam, such that the franchise has kind of lost it's appeal.


All of those poeple that voted Dont care must be all of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 fans!

Bonus points for whoever guesses the reference

Or one of them "If you're not indie, f**k you" type of gamers. :P

Let me guess? Mega64? NSFW

Let me guess? Mega64? :)

You recieved Bonuc Points

Exactly! XD

A Fanboy's Opinion

I'm pretty much an unabashed Halo fanboy, so I was psyched for this game and got it at a midnight launch. I've thoroughly enjoyed it so far. As a fanboy, I knew I was going to like it, but I'm surprised just by how much I like the campaign; it almost feels genuinely more exciting than Halo 3. Personally, I enjoy the more vunerable feeling I get when playing as an ODST; it makes each battle more challenging and have more meaning. I also liked how the story was more focused and coherent, and not all over the map like Halo 2 and 3. The writing seemed cheesy most of the time, but this didn't surprise me, considering Halo's track record. The music was nice, as always. Overall, I give the game a thumbs-up.

However, despite my opinions on the game, I can understand the mixed reaction ODST is getting. The game is probably overpriced for many people, and it can be over quickly (my first co-op playthrough lasted about 4.5 hours). If Microsoft and Bungie had priced the game at $30-40, there certainly wouldn't be as many complaints. As it stands, it just can't justify its price tag for some people.

Still, Microsoft and Bungie saw a demand for the game at $60 and took advantage of it, so I really can't fault them for that, since I'm one of the people who ran out and bought it straightaway. XD I would definitely recommend the game to any Halo fans, but if you're uncertain, I'd say rent it first or wait until the price drops down into the $30-40 range (it will eventually).

This isn't just with Halo 3 ODST

There isn't just a mixed reaction with Halo 3 ODST, it's with Halo in general. It's by far the most loved or hated game among the community, even more so than so called "love it or hate it" types of games like Shenmue or Killer7 {Even though I have never met a single person who hated Killer7 :P}. Every single video game forum {From the exception of the Bungie boards or any Halo website} has mixed opinions on Halo.

Halo has lost some of its

Halo has lost some of its appeal, but generally reading through the storyline on paper and the events unfolding gets you geared back up for halo and makes you want to play the games again all the way through - i think that might become a sport, playing the halo games call the way through non-stop.

anyway in halo 3 we kinda know whats going on, but like people said Halo ODST kinda dwells on the other events taking place and so more secrets and twists are revealed, that you kind have already played through.

Halo ODST does have a ok campaign, but the appeal is in the atmosphere it creates with the dark ctiy scape, this was spooky for me, but sadly you know whats in the dark its only the covenant so your well kept.

so accurate

yeah this site really has its finger on the pulse of gaming today. 78% voted negatively for halo 3: odst, which is funny, since it just sold more than 1,520,000 copies in the usa in september alone! and it's an exclusive, only on one console on the 360! yeah, people really don't care about this game...lol!

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