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Do you plan on buying 2K Games' Duke Nukem Forever?

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Willing to take Duke back?

It has literally been a long time coming. We've been waiting for a Duke Nukem Forever for over a decade.

Now, when I say "we" I'm including myself and people like me who still wanted to see what the final game looks like.

Since the game was announced many of us have graduated college, had children and picked up a mortgage or two. You'd think that there would be no one interested in seeing how Forever turns out.

I admit this is anecdotal, but now that the big day is a mere 10 days (can't believe I'm saying this) away from retail, I've noticed a lot of chatter from people talking up the game.

Maybe these people, perhaps too embarrassed to admit they are still Duke fans after all of the delays and ridicule directed at 3D Realms and the franchise, are coming out and saying they are looking forward to buying it (or at least playing a demo) now that its release is near.

But, do the one-liners still hold up? Are some of the over-the-top things you can do in the game still fun? Will anyone still go gaga over strippers and scantily clad chicks littering the background?

We won't know until later this month. It will be interesting to see how Forever holds up after a decade of advances in the FPS genre, graphics fidelity and a slow reversal from the misogynistic era Duke was born out of.

Demo first

I thought I'd have no interest in Duke Nukem Forever after playing through Bulletstorm. Who knews more videogame jockularity right? But I'm old enough to remember when Duke Nukem was still hot and hearing that Duke Nukem is coming out makes me want to play it. I probably won't buy it, but I'll try a demo.

DNF Finished

I'm coming down on no. My reasoning pretty much follows Mitch Krpata's take, but my conclusion is opposite. What made Duke Nukem 3D great was a set of innovations that are difficult to explain today because they're so fundamental. If DN3D had just been a Doom clone with dirty jokes, it would most likely be forgotten. The sophomoric humor certainly contributed to DN3D's popularity, but the compelling gameplay is the key reason so many people played it so much. Forever might be good for a nostalgic laugh, but if I really feel like I need that I'll just crank up the original.

No. Dukem Nukem Forever was


Dukem Nukem Forever was meant to be a thing of the 90s, when the series still had cultural relevance. From 2000 on, it became a running joke and the symbol of excess and waste in the gaming industry (much like the similarly overpromised, overhyped Daikatana).

And when the original team was basically taken out of the project, that was a sign from the heavens that DKF simply should not be made.

I see this DNF as nothing more than a studio desperately trying to cash in on a franchise with a long history. Who knows if the game will be any good. I doubt it though - especially considering it was scrapped and started over so many times with so many different people.

A two weapon limit,

A two weapon limit, regenerating health poorly masked as an "Ego" bar, serious lack of the Mighty Boot, and on-rails linearity showcased in the demo have drowned any chance of me buying this game. A real shame since many people assumed this was going to be a throwback to old school FPS gaming, but looks to be just another modern shooter with the Duke aesthetic. I wonder if modders will be able to salvage it like a Bethesda game.

DNF and River City Ransom 2

Everyone seems to be coming down on Duke Nukem Forever because its an old game but why not look at it like a rehash or remake?

Isn't Kid Icarus an old series (not much of a series since one game was made) that is being resurrected for the 3DS? Why no complaints of that? Or River City Ransom which is getting a sequel later this year? Is anyone going to criticize it for a not keeping up with the times?

DNF isn't new but it shouldn't be dissmised either.

Scott; How can a game that

Scott; How can a game that was announced well over a decade ago be seen as a "cash-in"? I'm not saying that Duke's name isn't being relied upon to some extent. But the guys who are making this seem really dedicated. I don't think this is solely a cynical attempt to milk an IP. There are better franchises the developers could have bought if they just wanted the name on the box.

I'm looking forward to this, anyway. Duke Nukem 3D still stands up today, in my eyes. A current-gen extension of that is most welcome in my console.

No no watered down piss for me.

I refuse to buy it I will wait until its 10-25$ like all of the other disposable games are these days. If they did not water it down I might have gotten a couple copies but its pure BS with what they did to it.

2 weapon limit ... Really?

Comments on the demo ...

The reason why I enjoyed the old Duke 3d was interesting level design and the bizarre weapons. So now I only have 2 weapon slots; how the hell I am I supposed to carry around the "real" weapons plus the interesting weapons.

Boring linear levels ... says it all.

Congrats you sabotaged your own game.

Just finished DNF

Just finished it, so is it a bad game, I would have to say no but its not a good game either.

3 things push the game into mediocrity level layout/design, weaopn options and mouse issues for the PC. Its the same damn shit that buggered nearly all modern FPS's of late......

The story dose not really matter its the setting and the lulz comments in between combat that help keep the game flowing story side no matter how simple it is its just the gameplay is so poor it might as well be a rail shooter.

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