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Buying Wii Sports Resort?

39% (78 votes)
61% (122 votes)
Total votes: 200
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Series: Wii Sports  
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Wii Sports Resort is kind of a big deal.

Wii Sports Resort is all that anyone is talking about these days.

Ok, that is not true. But early sales projections have been high and early press for the game has been good.

We all know about the immense popularity of the original Wii Sports. Packaged with the Wii console, it is credited for selling the console to millions of non-gamers around the world.

Always eager for money, Nintendo has readied a sequel of sorts in Wii Sports Resort. But Resort is really more than an ordinary Wii release.

Resort is actually a test for Nintendo, the Wii and its customers.

On one hand, Resort will is a test to see if casual gamers will actually buy another game for the Wii given that Wii Sports already comes with the console. Attachrate numbers seem to differ depending on who you talk to, but many Wii owners seem to be content to only own Wii Sports for the Wii and nothing else. Wii Sports Resort is the game they already love, but with new sports and Motion Control compatibility.

Which brings me to the second part of this, Resort will be a test to see if the Wii Motion Plus can be sold to casuals. Sales for the attachment have already hit close to 500K units since launch. No telling who they were sold to--casuals, hardcore or both--but it does look like demand is there. Resort is Nintendo's best shot at getting the casual consumer to use Wii Motion Plus--perhaps without even realizing it. Will they adapt to the newer, more precise controls or will they even notice.

And finally, Wii Sports Resort will for Nintendo's sake, get Wii Motion Plus controls into the hands of more people who will in turn expect more games that will take advantage of those controls. Companies like EA and Ubisoft are already betting heavily on this being the case.

A lot is riding on Wii Sports Resort success. Can it sell to casuals? Can it sell the new controls? Can it keep the Wii momentum going? Those are some of the questions that the industry, and Nintendo in particular, want answered.

Luckily for you, all you have to do is say whether you would buy the game or not. :)

I'm going to buy it... sometime...

I want it, expect it to enhance gameplay, especially in the future, but I'm not losing my mind over when I actually get it or anything.

Playing Wii Tennis with a truly skilled human opponent is still about as much fun as videogaming on the Wii can be, but it's just hard for me to find that. I hope that Ping Pong can offer similar value.

No and No

I voted no primarily on the financial end of things. Currently don't have the funds to pick up such a game, or any game for that matter. If I had the money to buy a Wii Motion Plus game, I would have picked up Tiger Woods with the add-on packaged in. So that's another no. No and no.

Wii Remote Extensions for Morion Plus

The new Wii Motion attachment won't fit with the Golf Club, Tennis Racket attachment becase it is now 1 1/2 inches longer...Are they going to make a golf club attachment that can be used with the new Motion Plus remote

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