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AbleGamers announce "Gamers Doing Good" panel at PAX-East

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AbleGamers announce "Gamers Doing Good" panel at PAX-East

The AbleGamers Foundation and Gamers Outreach Foundation team up for a panel called "Gamers Doing Good - How We Use Video Games to Make Life Better for Others." The purpose of the panel is to "discuss how video games are being used to help others from the disabled to military veterans". It takes place at the PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts on March, 11, 5pm EST at Cat Theater.

Joining the panelists will be Avery Alix of PopCap Games (who will be moderatoring) and Christopher Frost of RadioActive Nerd.

Panelists include:

  • Avery Alix [PopCap Games]
  • Mark Barlet [AbleGamers Foundation]
  • Steve Spohn [AbleGamers Foundation]
  • Ben Herz [AbleGamers Foundation]
  • Zach Wigal [Gamers Outreach Foundation]
  • Stefanie Shea [Gamers Outreach Foundation]
  • Christopher Frost [RadioActive Nerd]

Tickets to PAX-East are going fast so register quickly.

Source: AbleGamers, GameCulture
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