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Crysis delayed?

Mike Doolittle's picture

Cevat Yerli, president of Crytek, has recently issued a statement that the hotly anticipated DirectX 10 game Crysis will be released "a little later than planned." Since they never confirmed even a general time frame for the release date in the first place, it's a little difficult to know what exactly that means. Some folks are speculating that this will put the game's release as far back as Summer or even Fall 2007. I'm inclined to believe that a spring release is still most likely. Crytek has never commented on speculation over the release date of Crysis, though it was known that the game was originally supposed to come out this year. 

This brings to mind another issue. On one hand, it's actually better when developers take their time and get it right. Buggy games like Neverwinter Nights 2, Gothic 3 and Dark Messiah Might and Magic are all too representative of a disturbing trend of games being rushed to release before they're ready. But, on the other hand, some games can be delayed so much as to make the final product pale in comparison to its contemporaries. Anyone remember Daikatana?

One can only wonder what's happening with perpetually delayed Duke Nukem Forever.

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