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Critical News Rundown

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  • Yell GameFaqs poster arrested for burning church and bragging online
  • Kiss Rob Fahey on how recession will hit games and why Microsoft won't buy Sony
  • Foot in mouth 1UP changes scoring policy, letters to replace numbers
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    1UP's new scoring policy

    Letters? Well, I'm not convinced. I still reckon my farmyard animals scoring system will prove definitive. So:

    Halo 3 = Goose
    The Darkness = Hen
    Mario Galaxy = Large pig
    CoD4 = 2 Hens

    And so on...

    Holy crap, the Gamefaqs

    Holy crap, the Gamefaqs church burner has got to be one of the dumbest people I've ever seen - how stupid do you have to be to tell the internet and post pictures? Does he not know how the internet works?

    More frustrating is that this will inevitably be one more sticking point in the war against video games. Incidentally, I recently saw yet another video (from FoxNews) of Jack Thompson, a character who I swore would never bother me, exploiting the recent NIU shooting tragedy to further blame video games (not a single connection has been brought up apart from himself). Considering I go to NIU and have witnessed a lot of the damage it has caused, it's difficult to not get angry and saddened by those using a pretty terrible incident that hit so close to home as a way to get attention for themselves.

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