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Critical News Rundown

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  • Money mouth Poignant Animal Crossing comic strip
  • Sealed A Ghostbusters pre-order offer already. Still wonder why licences sell?
  • Surprised Boot camp for web junkies. Wow, this really is serious...
  • Kiss Survey suggests how your politics determine your entertainment choices
  • Undecided How controls got so damn complicated
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    Complete Control

    "First!" (Hey how come no one bothers doing that on my Rundown comments. Don't you guys care? ;D)

    To be honest I just wanted to oh-so-geekily point out that N'Gai Croal's control article counted each D-pad 'button' on the PSOne controller as a separate input (totalling as 4), but the NES and SNES D-pad as only 1 input. I, for one, am outraged.

    Personally I think Chris Bateman (who's erudite and intellectual, but not unreadable, blog is here: http://onlyagame.typepad.com/) had the right idea with counting "dimensions" of control. With this typology, the d-pad becomes a 2-dimensional control because it allows the player to manipulate the vertical and horizontal axis.

    But then that breaks down if each d-pad direction is used as a standard button (as a quick-select control, for instance), so let's not split hairs, eh?


    I saw the Animal Crossing cartoon when the news was posted, and I was glad you'd shared that. It was very touching; and something that just makes me stop and think. (And very different from that site's usual content!) The sort of gaming story you don't hear every day.

    Can someone elaborate on the

    Can someone elaborate on the AC strip? when i go there, all i get is exactly one panel of a comic and some sad music... i'm assuming there's more to it?

    Skip the lame YTMND version

    Skip the lame YTMND version (it gradually cycles through the panels while playing the cheesy music) and just check out the original strip here - http://gonintendo.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/1195228363024wj2.jpg

    It's kinda cute, I guess. A bit heavy on the sap for me.

    God damn, that was

    God damn, that was incredibly sad...

    : (

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