Elebits – Consumer Guide

According to ESRB, this game contains: Cartoon Violence

Elebits Screenshot 

Parents: don't let this game's first-person shooting mechanic scare you. At its heart, Elebits is a game of hide and seek; the player's "Capture Gun" catches the little creatures without hurting them. There's plenty of property-destruction involved (you can throw things like TVs and bookcases around to look for more Elebits), but incidents of actual combat are few and far between. Some levels have small tanks, guns, or spiky black Elebits that the player must avoid, but the violence is not at all graphic. As for sexual content and bad language, there's none whatsoever.

People who are too clumsy to get past Red Steel's first mission (like me) will find Elebits a fun introduction to the FPS mechanic. You can practice maneuvering somebody you never see without getting shot at.

Lovers of cute creatures and Japanese weirdness are all playing this game right now, while the plush Elebit they got with their pre-orders watches from the top of the TV set.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers should be able to play Elebits without much trouble. While the Elebits make a lot of noise, their squeaks do nothing to tell you where exactly they are. And for sounds that tell you what the Elebits are doing (e.g., crying, singing, sleeping), the game gives you visual cues, like musical notes over their heads. I played large chunks of the game without sound and had no problems.