Grand Theft Auto III – Consumer Guide

According to ESRB, this game contains: Blood, Strong Language, Violence

Parents should keep young children away from this game like the plague, as it's one of the few games that truly deserves its M (mature) rating. Sexual situations, extreme violence and an emphasis on criminal activity are what this game is all about. If you feel comfortable letting your kids watch an R rated movie, then you might feel comfortable with letting them play. It is only a game, after all. Otherwise, if you are a responsible and mature adult, GTA3 is the PlayStation 2 game of the year in my book and is deserving of every grown-up gamer's time and money.

Anyone over the age of 17 who owns a PlayStation 2 owes it to themselves to check this game out. Driving, shooting, and general mayhem are all included, and it's never been this fun (nor should it be). The length of the game makes this a very smart purchase, as renting the game may not give you enough time to fully explore its potential. Expect 40 - 50 hours of gameplay, and then some.