Resident Evil Code: Veronica – Second Opinion

I am surprised to be saying this, but I cant argue with anything Chi has said. I say that because Chi seemed to enjoy this game a whole lot more than I did while playing and I was expecting him to have given the game an 8.0 or even higher. Its obvious that the graphics and sounds of Code: Veronica blew us away; the characters in the game look beautiful and animate fluidly. I agree with Chi that the 3D environments really frees up character movements and, at the same time, allows better panning angles that can heighten the drama and terror of certain scenes (both features, it should noted, first appeared almost a year ago in Capcoms Dino Crisis for the PlayStation.) However, it seems that Capcom have tired of improving the game because, despite its obvious flaws, the survival horror releases have remained unchanged.

Code: Veronica fails to win me over because it forces me to do things that I know do not make sense. In keeping with Chi's point of choosing an artistic direction, Capcom seems to have chucked aside any sense of realism besides the graphics. They never seemed to consider that the move to 3D naturally brings raised expectations from gamers, who, as they should, expect to be able to do more things that they themselves could normally do in a 3D world. Things like being able to climb over a box or dead body thats in the way. Such limitations may have been accepted in the past due to the non-interactive nature of prerendered graphics, but now that the characters can move into and out of a three-dimensional space, they are expected to be able to pull off simple things like that. Also, the fact that these puzzles are rarely ever intuitive hurt the game. Why, in the middle of a scientific research facility, do I need to be looking for a gold eagle carving to open the front gate? Such nonsense is pervasive throughout the game and it just became frustrating to play.

As Resident Evil games go, Code: Veronica is familiar fare. If you loved the older games, youll love this even more with its suped-up graphics and sound. Myself personally, I am getting pretty sick of this series and if it werent for the fact that its making its debut on the Dreamcast, I would have panned it even more. I had hoped that Capcom would have done more with such a big release, but I was mistaken. All I can do now is count the months until they release their next Resident Evil epic on Sonys new PlayStation 2. Rating: 7.0 out of 10