LocoRoco – Consumer Guide

LocoRoco Screenshot

Wisely disregarding the recent claims that the game carried racist sentiment through its depiction of the black LocoRoco, Parents needn't be concerned about anything here. Violence is limited to 'bumping' enemies by jumping into them and having them pop into thin air and the rest of the game is similarly suitable for all.

Fans of offbeat or uniquely cute Japanese titles will be in seventh heaven playing LocoRoco, as will most platform game fans who will doubtless find the ebullient presentation a perfect match for the carefree simplicity of the game mechanics and the occasional frustrations they can throw up. However, anyone wary of knowingly cute cutesiness might want to check out a video of the game in action before signing themselves up to the LocoRoco love-in.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers will miss out on no crucial game information as there is no dialogue or game-critical audio, although much of the game's charm lies in its wonderful music and sound effects and it will be a slightly poorer, though still enjoyable, game without them.