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Xbox Live demo round-up!

Welcome to the most superfluous of features here at gamecritics.com, Dan's demo roundup! It's where I, the only video game reviewer on the internet with a lot of time on his hands, have taken it onto myself to play all the new hot, hot and new demos currently available at the Xbox Live Marketpalce. That's the motto here at Dan's Demo Roundup: Spending a very small amount of time with tiny portions of games, so you needn't bother!

Mr. Ebert, you're out of your league

I've seen hundreds of movies in my lifetime, but it seems quite dubious whether Ebert has played even a single videogame in his. Until he takes the time to experience what the interactive medium has to offer and can construct a more coherent and substantive argument, his criticisms will lack the validity to be taken seriously by his contemporaries, gamers or not.

Fight Critic: MMA writers react emotionally, not rationally to steroid problem

After testing positive for steroids in their match at UFC 73, both UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk and his opponent Hermes Franca have been fined and suspended by the California State Athletic Commission. Since then, several prominent MMA writers decried that the sport is suffering from a steroid epidemic and adamantly suggested that UFC President Dana White take the following actions.

iPhone and Wii reveal how “different” translates to “better”

Read blog postWhen the iPhone was released with all the hoopla of being the first truly innovative smartphone and claimed to be better than anything currently on the market, I was skeptical and defensive for my Treo. Sure the iPhone offered more storage for music and video and the wider screen makes for a much better Web browsing experience, but without a tactile keypad for numbers and letters, there is NO way the iPhone is a better communications device than the Treo for phone calls, text messages and emails.

Fight Critic: “Zuffa Myth” debunked

In case no one noticed, in an interview with Entrepreneur, UFC President Dana White indirectly explained the rationale behind the controversial "Zuffa Myth."

Ubisoft pulls MindQuiz: Why are some gamers so angry about it?

What Ubisoft did isn't particularly shocking. They made a mistake—one especially easy to make when you're a French publisher releasing a game to an English-speaking market—and they fixed it. But I'm amazed at how angry some gamers are about it.

Movie Critic: Dead Silence Comments

This isn't going to be a review per se. In that I'm not going to go over the acting or the direction or the production design or any of the things about the movie that work. No, I'm just here to point out a couple of story points that not only don't work in the film's favor, but actually render it dramatically incoherent and in the end, totally unsatisfying.

Video games don't make us more empathetic?

Film critic Roger Ebert says that video games are not art. A movie, he says, involves "total authorial control": filmmakers tell their stories, and we in the audience follow their leads. But in a video game, the audience are the storytellers to a large extent. So how can there be a cohesive vision of anything?

Movie Critic: Transformers review

In this season of summer movies, few movies will gleefully target and pander to it's audiences with politician-like precision as obviously as . We're talking broad strokes with bright crayons. Much like its male protagonist Sam Witwicky, this is a movie that wants to be liked by everyone and tries hard to win over ALL its audiences.

Fight Critic: What’s next for Pride?

Since the press conference announcing the sale of the Pride FC to UFC owners in May and Pride holding its final show under its former company Dream Stage Entertainment, Pride has been inactive to present date. The lack of any information from the new owners has left the Internet-driven "MMA media" to speculate on its future.
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