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Dem Ol' 360 No-Download Blues

There was supposed to be a downloadable update of 4 new heroes and 4 villains (!) for the game scheduled for 4/10, but the day has come and gone and no update yet.

Saving earth and whacking pinatas

EDF 2017, Viva Pinata, Quality Time and Cable Installation

Oh! Bangai-O!

Gagh! I close and my eyes and still see little bink bursts of bullets flying in geometrical patterns...

120 Minutes: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner

As far as SMT games go, Devil Summoner is a pretty radical departure from the norm. While previous games in the series have been turn-based affairs, Devil Summoner opts for a more action-RPG approach. I wasn't entirely convinced I was going to like this going into the game, but at the two hour mark, I can say that it's surprisingly effective. Would I have preferred turn-based? Sure...but I can live with this.

Geeking Out: Andy Sidaris, 300, The Host, and More

Yeah, I know, it's been awhile since we did a Geeking Out blog. Rest assured it's not because there wasn't enough cool stuff to get all nerdy over-it's just that I've been sidetracked with a lot of crap.

I stole 120 Minutes: Aeon Flux

I'll have more on this later, but at this point it's looking like Aeon Flux is a pretty good game on its own, let alone being one of the better licensed games to come down the pike.

120 Minutes: Crackdown

Despite being a "well-informed" gamer who knows what he likes and dislikes about games long before they ever hit retail, I'm as prone as anyone when it comes to getting sucked up into hype. Crackdown, which I first read about eons ago when it was featured on the cover of Game Informer magazine, didn't really interest me much at the time.

Tapas Time!

Tango was a completely pleasurable experience and well worth the ulcer-inducing parking job I had to pull off in the small lot across the street... I think I had about an inch and a half of clearance between my car in the next, and I exited the vehicle by excluding over to the passenger side and squeezing out.  Just barely.

Responding to Vista criticisms

I've come across a number of Vista-bashing articles on the web, with titles in the vein of "Ten Reasons Not to Buy Vista" or "Why Vista is the Dumbest Thing Ever Made By Anyone"

My war with geometry

While I'm all in favor of Xbox Live (for the game demos, anyway), I don't think I should have to keep my 360 logged on at all times to get the benefits.
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