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The (current) dark side of Vista

I think it's time to talk a little more in depth about the problems I've had with Vista which, few though they are, can be a bit annoying.

Saving the (Rogue) Galaxy, saving gaming (for me)?

Waxing not-so-poetically with musings that touch on Xenosaga III, meander through the dislike of Final Fantasy XII, and most importanly give impressions of Rogue Galaxy.

Gene's 2006 year-end wrapup

My year started with a lull, thanks to the rest of life intruding into my desires to nurture my habit. But it certainly ended with a bang. 

Windows Vista: The media backlash and my first impressions

It seems like I can't throw a rock at a tech website these days without hitting some kind of negative buzz about Vista. Complaints range from a lack of drivers to niggling compatibility issues to ho-hum impressions of the features.

Marketing 101: Hotel Dusk Room 215 on CBS.com

"Touch Generations" may be a marketing term for Nintendo's attempt to broaden the base of people of videogames beyond, but it is refreshing to see a company put its money where its mouth is.

How did he come up with that number?!?

Is this the best possible way to review games?  I don't know, but what I do know is that this is the way I do it.

Mike Bracken's Geeking Out

Welcome to the first installment of Geeking Out—okay, it's not really the first installment (earlier chapters can be found in my MySpace blog), but it's the first here at GameCritics. Basically, it's just a weekly entry of what I'm nerdgasming over at the moment—generally revolving around Games, Books, and Movies as well as the occasional glimpse into my incredibly exciting life here at Casa de Bracken. I hope you enjoy it—and I also hope you'll stop by and check out later installments.

An evening with Tetsuya Mizuguchi

In a small, smart underground bar in London's West End, a jet-lagged, softly spoken but friendly Tetsuya Mizuguchi addressed assorted games, music and lifestyle journos to talk us through Every Extend Extra his latest venture into hypnotically musical gaming.

Co-op gaming is back

My brother and I are half an hour apart on a good traffic day, we both work full-time jobs, and we both have real-life commitments that make getting together on a regular basis somewhat prohibitive. But thanks to Microsoft, Epic, and Marcus Fenix, we can hook up for a few hours at night and relive (sort of) the days we spent hanging out in a crowded bedroom elbowing each other out of the way and passing snacks back and forth. 
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