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Disgust on a disc: Escape from Bug Island

After trying Escape from Bug Island, my jaw dropped. it's so atrociously bad, I can't believe they even bothered to publish it. I gave it a whirl just to see if it was as terrible as most people said it was, and it is.

John Carmack and games as art

John Carmack has been quoted a couple times as saying that he believes games are not art, and I was always put off that someone who has such a prominent place in the industry took such a disappointing line.

Wii and the casual gaming boom

Wii Sports Screenshot

According to at least one source, the Nintendo Wii has already surpassed the XBox 360 in worldwide sales, despite the 360's early launch. Not only is the Wii a really fast-selling console, it's the fastest selling console ever.

PC gamers get BioShock'ed

BioShock has undoubtedly been one of the most hotly anticipated titles of the year, and its release to unanimous critical acclaim is certainly helping to solidify its place as a soon-to-be-classic.

Xbox Live demo round-up: Bioshock, Stranglehold, Beautiful Katamari and more

Welcome back for the second round of the Xbox Live demo round-up, where I, the idlest hands in the game-reviewing community desperately try to use a plethora of demos to take time away from the vast, barren expanse that is my schedule.

Interview with N'Gai Croal

Newsweek's Level Up journalist and blogger N'Gai Croal speaks at length with GameCritics.com regarding Roger Ebert's statements about videogames as art, the Manhunt 2 banning and the purpose of game criticism.

Girl, corrupted: It's Metroid month

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Screenshot

This morning I awoke to my Wii's disc tray pulsing with that seductive blue glow that implies internet activity is going on. I was curious as to what might be updating. Most recently that glow brought news of a Wii system update. (Incidentally, the new Wii store shopping experience is an improvement for Virtual Console perusal.)

iPhone impressions

Did Samantha Fox sing this touchscreen phone's theme song back in the 80's? Here are my impressions about the main features of this shiny new device from Apple. It surfs the web, plays music and supports widescreen video viewing. It's even a phone!

PC gaming update: Crysis, GRAW2, Witcher, Crossfire and Vista

Okay, I certainly don't think Crysis is actually going to be vaporware. It'll come out eventually. When, though, is anybody's guess.

Xbox Live demo round-up!

Welcome to the most superfluous of features here at gamecritics.com, Dan's demo roundup! It's where I, the only video game reviewer on the internet with a lot of time on his hands, have taken it onto myself to play all the new hot, hot and new demos currently available at the Xbox Live Marketpalce. That's the motto here at Dan's Demo Roundup: Spending a very small amount of time with tiny portions of games, so you needn't bother!
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