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E3 2008: Sony missing clear vision for PlayStation 3

Read blog entryThe Xbox 360 became the hardcore gamers' console of choice by creating a robust online play space and filling its library with slick-looking, tried and true, formulaic games with mature content. The Wii captured a new generation of casual gamers by redefining the control scheme with gimmicky motion sensors and offering family oriented games and applications that were accessible to the non-gamer. Nearly two years after the release of the PS3, I have difficulty in describing what the strengths of the PS3 are and who it's for because Sony hasn't developed a clear brand position. Is it the console of choice for gamers who want a Blu-ray disc player?

E3 2008: Nintendo makes laughable attempt to please “core” gamers

Read blog entryWith all due respect to Mr. Fils Amie, when you trumpet—a game about collecting furniture to decorate your house and writing letters to other cutesy animals in the town—as your shining example of what "core" gamers are expecting, what we have is a failure to communicate.

E3 2008: Microsoft wares lack novelty with mainstream appeal

Read blog entryAt E3 2008, Microsoft unveiled a line-up of products designed to appeal to the more casual gaming audience that Nintendo currently dominates with the Wii. The miscalculation on the part of Microsoft is that they think they can appeal to the masses by providing something useful like Netflix connectivity and online chat parties or something that is supposed to be an improved experience like Lips, which is a refinement of the singing/rhythm game.

The top 10 GameCube games according to me

If there's one thing gamers love, it's top 10 lists. I started with the original Xbox, and now I'm moving on to the GameCube. Like Microsoft's black beast, the GameCube is well and truly "dead". So, having tried any and everything that caught my eye and with no new games coming down the pipe, this is my definitive list of personal picks.

Princess Debut hype

I don't usually do straight PR, but this game caught my eye for obvious reasons... It's not everyday you see a game featuring a female character trying to net a boyfriend through the art of ballroom seduction.

Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard impressions

I’m in the middle of Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard on the DS right now, and I’ve got to say that it’s one hell of a game.

Wii Fit training log – Day 4: Wii-covery

Read blog entry.On the second week after my injury, my back was about 80 percent recovered and it felt like a good time to do some light workouts. In addition to resuming my power walking, I thought the low-impact/resistance exercises in Wii Fit would be a good way to ease back into my weight training.

No wonder McDonald's is king

So is it true that most gamers only want better graphics and more-of-the-same gameplay? Many industry heads think so, and evidently there's a pretty good number of gamers out there who are pretty eager to agree with them.

Kids' games that DON'T suck

So a few days ago I posted a rant about the sorry state of kids’ games, and afterwards I was bound and determined to find something that my son and I could play together.

Rise from your grave... now get BACK IN!!

Microsoft's done it to me again. I got hit with the Red Rings of Death and went through the whole repair process, getting knocked out of action for about a month.
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