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Mike Doolittle's blog

It's good to be gaming

I'm a big hardware nut, so I spend a fair bit of time tweaking my PC. I just recently finished building a new rig, and it's been a much bigger task than I thought it would be – I'm now on my fourth motherboard! But now I've got my rig all optimized and overclocked, and I've finally been able to get into some serious gaming.

ATI's next-gen card is officially a bust

Hardware sites are buzzing with news of the release (finally!) of ATI/AMD's new HD2900XT card. It sports some pretty awesome technology, and even has a GPU with an insane 700 million transistors. It does pretty well in 3DMark06. But uh, how does it do in games?

ATI yeilds to nVidia, admits defeat

Buzz about AMD/ATI's forthcoming, oft-delayed x2900xt has been simmering for months, with many gamers holding off on purchasing one of nVidia's high-end 8800 cards with the anticipation that ATI would release a monster card that would surpass the 8800GTX's performance.

Cellfactor: Revolution – It's not a game, it's a marketing tool

Ageia, whose PhysX card has been unable to acheive any kind of widespread adoption amongst the PC gaming community, has released a free download of their game/tech demo Cellfactor: Revolution.

Responding to Vista criticisms

I've come across a number of Vista-bashing articles on the web, with titles in the vein of "Ten Reasons Not to Buy Vista" or "Why Vista is the Dumbest Thing Ever Made By Anyone"

The (current) dark side of Vista

I think it's time to talk a little more in depth about the problems I've had with Vista which, few though they are, can be a bit annoying.

Windows Vista: The media backlash and my first impressions

It seems like I can't throw a rock at a tech website these days without hitting some kind of negative buzz about Vista. Complaints range from a lack of drivers to niggling compatibility issues to ho-hum impressions of the features.

Can Microsoft revive PC gaming?

When the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were first being shown off, a lot of people got the impression that PC gaming was in its last throes...

Update to Vista EULA

Microsoft has changed the license in response to demand from enthusiasts
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