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Video: Ever wondered why Duck Hunt felt so unfair?

We all knew this to be true. Duck Hunt was one of those early NES games that were designed to screw the player. RD601! I knew it!

Video: Flower recreated in LittleBigPlanet 2 beta

LittleBigPlanet was sold as a content creation game, but thanks to some imprecise controls and limitations with the interface, it was not as intuitive as many would-be Shigeru Miyamotos would have liked. Still, it did show promise. And you have to believe that all the flaws in the world wouldn't stop enterprising gamers from recreating their favorite levels from Super Mario Bros.

Despite the success of the first game, or maybe because of that success, Media Molecule has been hard at work on LittleBigPlanet 2 trying to remedy the complaints from fans and media alike. From the looks of the clip below, the sequel appears to be on the right track:

Video: CollegeHumor presents The Jersey Shore RPG

There is a Jersey Shore television show so why can't there be a Jersey Shore role-playing game? CollegeHumor asks this very question with hilarious results.

Nintendo reveals 3DS release date, price, Virtual Console and more

Nintendo 3DS

Only Nintendo could get the game industry excited by "announcing" a date for when it would later announce the official Nintendo 3DS release date. On September 29 in Tokyo, Japan, Nintendo held a press briefing where it revealed not only the release date, but some other tidbits on the latest iteration of the DS handheld.

Dale's E3 2010: Microsoft Turns Xbox 360 into a Wii

Xbox 360 Kinect Screenshot

For those that missed it, Microsoft's pre-E3 press conference was yesterday—not to be confused with the unique Cirque du Soleil event on Sunday evening. This was Microsoft's first chance to introduce its gesture "controller" with actual real-world games that would show off how everything works. It's early so the jury is still out on these games. No one knows yet how they compare to the Wii and PlayStation Move in the eyes of hardcore and the finicky casuals? These are just a few of the announcements that I found interesting at the show.

Nintendo going after Apple with next portable?

Nintendo DS Lite Screenshot

So you're Nintendo. You've been sitting atop the handheld mountain for like 20 years. During that time you've seen challengers come and go—Atari (Lynx), NEC (TurboExpress), Sega (Game Gear), SNK (Neo Geo Pocket Color), Bandai (Wonderswan) and finally Sony (PlayStation Portable). All of these devices possessed features and technology that surpassed anything Nintendo offered, but Nintendo still outsold them and did so with a single, very simple philosophy: release cheap, existing technology with a long battery life, at a low price. It worked so well that with every new competitor, Nintendo would fall back on that practice.

Ten years later, why does the Dreamcast still hold a place in our hearts?

Does the Dreamcast still hold a place in our hearts?

I'm looking for a some sort of metaphor for the Dreamcast as I write this, but I can't think of one. Even three days after the 10th anniversary of its launch—yeah, I know I've have 10 years and three days to think of one—I can't quite put into words what the Dreamcast was.

It's safe to say that the Dreamcast was Sega's last shot. After ill-conceived business decisions during the 1990s that led to increasingly useless console upgrades like the 32X and Sega CDX, Sega found itself in dire straits. It really only had the capital for one final Hail Mary or it would have to abandon the hardware market. So Sega partnered with NEC and Microsoft and put everything it had into what was really the console that could have been its savior. I bet it thought, as many of us did at the time, that the tech, the partners and the software were more than enough to create a console that would stand up to its competitors for years.

Sony unveils slimmer PlayStation 3 for $299

Sony unveils slimmer PlayStation 3 for $299.99

What the PlayStation 3 has lacked until now in its losing battle with the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii is a compelling price point.

That looks like it will finally change this September—or maybe before that. Sony has announced it will drop the price of the PlayStation 3 (80GB model) priced at $399 to $299 immediately. That means you can run out right now and get the current PlayStation 3 for $299. What interesting though is that in a couple of weeks (September 1st), you can go to you local electronics chain and get a sexy new, slim version of the PlayStation 3 for $299 as well. On top of that the slimmer version comes with a 120GB hard drive.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is not exactly a sure thing

Beyond Good & Evil 2's not exactly a sure thing

You didn't really think Ubisoft was going to make a sequel to Beyond Good & Evil did you?

IndustryGamers: Most publishers make decisions based on sales, so what made Ubisoft decide to pursue Beyond Good and Evil again?

Laurent Detoc: Well, I didn't say there's definitely going to be another game. I said something had leaked, which means we've been working on some Beyond Good and Evil stuff, but whether there's going to be another game or not, that's something for the future. But getting to your question as to why there's work on the IP again, it's a creative people business; the creative talent is interested in it and possibly exploring how to do it from a new angle.

Wii Sports Resort takes over Times Square

Wii Sports Resort takes over Times Square

Not to sound like a tool, but this was just a brilliant idea. Yesterday (Thursday, July 23rd), Nintendo promoted the launch of Wii Sports Resort by turning Military Island in Times Square into a mini-Wulu Island. Granted, it could have been better had it taken place on a larger piece of real estate, but short of cordoning off Central Park or Coney Island, this is not too shabby.

Despite the close quarters, it looked like a cool event, I'm sorry I missed it.

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