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Chi Kong Lui's blog

Nintendo doesn’t make games for hardcore gamers

Read blog postI know the title of this blog post is a little strange when you consider that Nintendo is notorious in the game industry for having the most loyal and rabid fans that regularly worship at the house of Super Mario and affectionately/annoyingly refer to Nintendo's game designer/producer/muse Shigeru Miyamoto as "Shiggy."

Is “future-proof” PS3 worth the shortage?

Read blog about PS3 ShortageWith the lack of demand for Blu-ray and the growing trend of making past generation titles available for download on virtual consoles-essentially making backwards compatible disc media unnecessary, was it worth the launch day pains that Sony put consumers through?

Marketing 101: Hotel Dusk Room 215 on CBS.com

"Touch Generations" may be a marketing term for Nintendo's attempt to broaden the base of people of videogames beyond, but it is refreshing to see a company put its money where its mouth is.

New features of GameCritics.com 3.0

Welcome to the new GameCritics.com. This is a list of new features (for us anyway) to keep an eye out for.

GameCritics.com changes with the times

It's finally here (removes shrink-wrap from website). Drum roll please... I'm proud to unveil the new redesign of GameCritics.com. For those who have been keeping track, this is actually the third version of the site since it debuted seven years ago on July of 1999.
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