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Chi Kong Lui's blog

Fight Critic: “Zuffa Myth” debunked

In case no one noticed, in an interview with Entrepreneur, UFC President Dana White indirectly explained the rationale behind the controversial "Zuffa Myth."

Movie Critic: Transformers review

In this season of summer movies, few movies will gleefully target and pander to it's audiences with politician-like precision as obviously as . We're talking broad strokes with bright crayons. Much like its male protagonist Sam Witwicky, this is a movie that wants to be liked by everyone and tries hard to win over ALL its audiences.

Fight Critic: What’s next for Pride?

Since the press conference announcing the sale of the Pride FC to UFC owners in May and Pride holding its final show under its former company Dream Stage Entertainment, Pride has been inactive to present date. The lack of any information from the new owners has left the Internet-driven "MMA media" to speculate on its future.

Comic Critic: Infinite Crisis vs. Civil War

Read blog postThis past year saw both Marvel and DC both launch epic events-driven series: Civil War with Marvel and Infinite Crisis with DC. Now that the cosmic dust has settled and the trade-paperbacks are in, it's a good time to examine both series as a whole and see if they lived up to the hype.

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Fight Critic: Why MMA versus boxing is good for both sports

Nothing gets the public going like a good rivalry and MMA versus boxing has all the makings of a classic rivalry. This is old-school versus new-school; fathers versus sons; Red Sox versus Yankees; Gracies versus pro-wrestlers. Let's not forget the latter is what helped propel Pride FC and MMA to what it is today.

Fight Critic: Should fighters apologize for boring fights?

If you consider MMA to be an athletic competition, then you have to accept that coaches, trainers, and fighters do not strategize and plan on how to "beat the crap out of someone" or "take his head off." They strategize on how to achieve victory and, unfortunately, those goals don't always include knocking someone out or even finishing the fight.

Dynasty Warriors + Gundam = Cool

It's been a long time since anything has grabbed my attention and got my fanboy juices going, but the drought is over after Namco Bandai and Koei announced Dynasty Warriors: Gundam coming in late summer to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

In defense of Nintendo and the myth of console shortages

The point of business is to make money and it more or less boils down to a numbers game. Sell as many products as you can for the highest price the market will accept. From the perspective of a business owner/investor/stockholder, having media "buzz" and hype is gravy, but the idea that Nintendo would sacrifice substantial amounts of profit and market share in exchange for media "buzz" is foolish.

Fight Critic: Upsets highlight changing MMA landscape

Fans of the sport like to brag that what makes MMA so exciting is that "anything can happen," but even in the wildest dreams of hardcore MMA fans could not imagined have these radical outcomes.
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