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Chi Kong Lui's blog

Why game criticism doesn’t exist

Game designer and academic, Greg Costikyan, recently renewed the debate on the importance of game criticism and the lack thereof in a recent post at . I'd be lying if I didn't admit that every time there's a call for serious-minded game criticism (not game reviews), it pisses me off quite a bit.

5 practical tips for HDTV shopping

In just under two years, my much publicized and prized 37 inch Sceptre LCD HDTV died an unceremonious death. There were few warning signs and end was quick and final. I've since recovered from the ordeal by purchasing a 40 inch Samsung LCD and in the process of doing so I picked up some valuable lessons I'd like to share with our readers.

The New York Times deems Halo 3 "Arts" worthy… sort of

Halo 3 Screenshot

With all the recent debate about whether or not videogames should be consider (good or bad) art, would it not be of cultural significance and a sign of the times (no pun intended) if the venerable news institution declared that videogames was indeed worthy of being covered alongside the paintings by artist Willem de Kooning, the singing of soprano Natalie Dessay or comedic "genius" of Dane Cook in Good Luck Chuck?

Fight Critic: TUF could learn from Fight Girls

After season five of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) saw its ratings gradually decline from previous seasons, there's been talk amongst fans about how the show could be reinvigorated for the sixth season, featuring welterweights Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. After watching the second season of the all-female Muay Thai reality show, Fight Girls, on the Oxygen Network, I think the boys from TUF could learn a few things from the girls.

Fight Critic: There's no whining in MMA

In the span of the last several months, I've noticed the tone of the MMA community on the Internet go from "support the sport" to a non-stop whine-fest.

Interview with Julianne Greer, Executive Editor of The Escapist

Julianne Greer, Executive Editor of The Escapist GameCritics.com had the opportunity to interview Executive Editor, Julianne Greer and discuss the history of The Escapist, how videogames and writing about videogames is perceived by the public and of course the always popular topic of Manhunt 2 and the newly minted Mature rating from the ESRB.

Fight Critic: Fedor still has plenty to prove

With all due respect to his accomplishments and the opinion of others, Fedor still has plenty to prove and his legacy as the greatest of MMA fighter of all-time or even the greatest fighter of his era will come into question years from now if he doesn't compete in the UFC.

Interview with N'Gai Croal

Newsweek's Level Up journalist and blogger N'Gai Croal speaks at length with GameCritics.com regarding Roger Ebert's statements about videogames as art, the Manhunt 2 banning and the purpose of game criticism.

Fight Critic: MMA writers react emotionally, not rationally to steroid problem

After testing positive for steroids in their match at UFC 73, both UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk and his opponent Hermes Franca have been fined and suspended by the California State Athletic Commission. Since then, several prominent MMA writers decried that the sport is suffering from a steroid epidemic and adamantly suggested that UFC President Dana White take the following actions.

iPhone and Wii reveal how “different” translates to “better”

Read blog postWhen the iPhone was released with all the hoopla of being the first truly innovative smartphone and claimed to be better than anything currently on the market, I was skeptical and defensive for my Treo. Sure the iPhone offered more storage for music and video and the wider screen makes for a much better Web browsing experience, but without a tactile keypad for numbers and letters, there is NO way the iPhone is a better communications device than the Treo for phone calls, text messages and emails.
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