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Andrew Fletcher's blog

An evening with Tetsuya Mizuguchi

In a small, smart underground bar in London's West End, a jet-lagged, softly spoken but friendly Tetsuya Mizuguchi addressed assorted games, music and lifestyle journos to talk us through Every Extend Extra his latest venture into hypnotically musical gaming.

Spoiler warning!

Why do reviewers think themselves justified in revealing game secrets? Do they think that the best way to describe a game's twisting plotlines or hidden surprises is to simply reveal a few of them?

PS3 impressions

I suppose my first play on what is going to be the dominant home console for the next, ooohh, 6 years or so probably deserves some comment. Not too much though. Playing a current-gen title on the new hardware (the latest Tony Hawk's) only brought home what a straightforward upgrade the PS3 really is. And how arrogant that price point and format choice seems.

What is it we're queuing for again?

I know I linked to this video in my News Rundown this week, but for those who didn't watch it all, I just had to point out one of the interviewee's queuing out in the cold for a PS3.

But I pressed the ****ing button

We've all 'blamed the pad' in anger at one time or another, but logic and acceptance usually set in once the immediate frustration has passed. I never thought I'd see it in a professional game review.
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