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Ben at the Pen

Ben Hopper Student at DigiPen Institute of TechnologyFor almost every person who plays games, there inevitably comes a time when that person will think to themselves, "If I had made this game, it'd be so much better!"

However, very few of us ever take that thought any further. For those that do, actually making those ideas reality poses an intimidating challenge. Of the few schools that offer programs related or tailored to videogames, the most well known is the DigiPen Institute of Technology, located right next door to Nintendo of America in Redmond, Washington.

Over the course of the next two years, GameCritics.com will be following Ben Hopper, a former Critic and current 3D Computer Animation program attendee. This series will focus on Ben and his journey from game player to game creator, and is not authorized by or affiliated with DigiPen in any way. If you'd like more information on DigiPen, you can visit their web site.

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