Hias Wrba
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Hias Wrba was born 1976 and grew up in Bielefeld, a mid-sized town which is so amazingly average that according to a common conspiracy theory it doesn't exist at all. He first came into contact with interactive entertainment when he was able to trick his parents into buying him an MSX for “educational purposes” at the age of seven. From there on he was lost.

And while his interests got more and more diverse over the years, gaming always remained a stable factor. Nowadays his time is equally shared between Talking Heads, Miike Takashi, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilles Deleuze, James Ellroy and that wretched final boss he just can't seem to beat. When he first stumbled upon gamecritics.com he felt right at home and is more then happy to now be able to contribute to their ongoing quest for a better writing on games.

Currently he is living in Munich and working as a freelance journalist for various on- and offline publications writing on film, games, fine art and popular culture. Furthermore he and two dear friends of his run “Missing Image”, a videostore that specializes in the artsy and the obscure. He is happy with what he does to such a degree that he has to pinch himself from time to time to reassure that he is not just dreaming all this.

Top 10 All-Time Favorites
10. Paradroid (C64) 05. Hitman: Contracts (Multi)
09. Final Fantasy VII (PSX) 04. Starcraft (PC)
08. Zak McKracken (C64) 03. Roadwar 2000 (Amiga)
07. Sonic The Hedgehog (Gen) 02. Prince of Persia:
Sands of Time (Multi)
06. GTA: San Andreas (Multi) 01. Metal Gear Solid (PSX)
Current Favorites
05. F.E.A.R. (Multi)
04. The Warriors (Multi)
03. Mario Kart DS (NDS)
02. SSX on Tour (Multi)
01. Kingdom under Fire: Heroes (Xbox)

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