Daniel Weissenberger
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HTML Coder & Game Critic

Born in Australia then quickly relocated to the Sunny shores of Ottawa, Daniel has been playing videogames for as long as he can remember. From the Coleco to the Amiga to all of Sega and Nintendo's consoles to fortunes in allowances dropped down slots in twenty-five cent increments, it's quite possible that he's spent more time playing video games than he has sleeping.

Persevering through state-mandated education and the lawsuit that ensued from it, Dan turned to more creative endeavors. A few one-act plays and a published novel later, it occurred to him that he should try to merge his two greatest loves, writing and video games. He was then informed by numerous developers that writing video games was not actually a job. Writing about video games was, however, which brings us nearly up to present. (Update! After his short film, Best Served Cold opened to positive reviews at the Calgary Film Festival, he now thinks he's better than people.)

There aren't too many things that Daniel takes seriously, and videogames are at the top of that list. He considers himself lucky to have found a group of like-minded individuals here at GameCritics.com, and looks forward to working with them to help people see what an important medium videogames are.

Top 10 All-Time Favorites
10. Shenmue II (Xbox) 05. HeroQuest (Amiga)
09. ICO (PS2) 04. Defender Of The Crown (Amiga)
08. Winback (PS2) 03. Rocket Ranger (Amiga)
07. Jagged Alliance 2 (PC) 02. It Came From The Desert (Amiga)
06. Grim Fandango (PC) 01. Prince Of Persia (PC)
Current Favorites
05. WWII Sniper (PC)
04. Terminator: The Redemption (Xbox)
03. Shenmue II (Xbox)
02. Dredd vs. Death (PC)
01. Way of the Samurai (PS2)

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