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Senior Managing Editor & Critic

Brad's lifelong passion for videogames began in his early years. It wasn't long after taking off his first bike's training wheels that Brad started frequenting the shadier section of Chuck E. Cheese in the search for dropped tokens. Soon after, he discovered a deep love for consoles despite being ruthlessly tricked into wasting good money by the cover art for the Atari 2600 version of Space Shuttle.

After a string of boring, tedious jobs in the early 90's, Brad entertained notions of becoming a professional comic book artist and writer. After getting a foot in the industry, he decided that it wasn't the right field and began drifting aimlessly in search of a career. After many long, sweat-soaked nights of soul-searching, Brad realized that a constant element throughout his life was videogames. However, unlike most who share the same passion, Brad realized that his desire was not to create or design; but rather to savor, enjoy and analyze them.

Once this new direction was discovered, Brad's path became clear: reviewing! He then joined forces with, and continues on in his lifelong mission to critique and comment on software, no matter the system. He also tirelessly crusades for the inclusion of text subtitles for all games everywhere.

Between games, Brad can often be spotted reading Joe R. Lansdale, Dan Simmons, and Preston & Child, among others. He also has an incredibly huge (and nearly complete) collection of Transformers, and is a hardcore Masters of the Universe fan. Behind all of the writing and gameplaying, Brad is a devoted family man—his life revolves around his wonderful son Rhys, and his amazing sweetheart Gina.

Brad's favorite game of all time: Hideo Kojima's Snatcher, Sega CD version.

Top 10 All-Time Favorites
10. Culdcept (PS2) 05. Sky Odyssey (PS2)
09. Shadow Hearts (PS2) 04. Monster Rancher Series
(PS, PS2, GBA)
08. Darkstalkers 2: Night Warriors (SAT) 03. Final Fantasy X (PS2)
07. Shenmue II (Xbox) 02. Vandal Hearts (PSX)
06. Tekken 2 (PSX) 01. Snatcher (Sega CD)
Current Favorites
05. Advance Wars: Dual Strike (NDS)
04. Super Princess Peach (NDS)
03. The Con (PSP)
02. Mega Man X: Maverick Hunter (PSP)
01. Exit (PSP)

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